La Paz Government Frees One Beach

In a dramatic turn of events that’s been keeping La Paz buzzing for over a year, the local government finally tore down a contentious gate blocking access to Puerto Mejia beach, a hidden gem on the northern reaches of the East Cape. Initially, a judge threw a curveball by ruling the gate as private property, […]

Firefighters Call the Fire Department!

You can’t make this stuff up – a firetruck catching fire? Yep, that’s exactly what happened at a La Paz station. Picture this: a brigade of firefighters scrambling to douse flames engulfing one of their own units. Thankfully, they managed to put out the fire swiftly, but the incident shone a harsh spotlight on the […]

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Visits La Paz

Guess who dropped by La Paz rocking a Texan hat? None other than Ambassador Ken Salazar, making quite the statement at a forum on clean energies hosted by the State University (UABCS). It’s not every day we get such high-profile guests committed to green energy, and let’s just say, the event sparked more than just […]

Triathlon in La Paz Sunday

This Sunday, La Paz becomes the ultimate arena for the State’s Triathlon, turning the picturesque malecon into a competitive playground. For those who love the swim-bike-run challenge, it’s time to lace up your sneakers and dive into the action. Athletes and enthusiasts will be converging on the seafront, ready to push their limits in this […]

Lots More Water for La Paz

Good news for the folks in La Paz! In the past few months, there’s been a series of repairs to several water well pumping installations, which has been a real game-changer in addressing the water scarcity issues in the area. It’s a step-by-step process, but each repair means a little less thirst for the community. […]

Price to Access Balandra Beach Goes Up

The price to visit Mexico’s stunning bay in La Paz just got a little steeper. As of yesterday, both national and international tourists will need to shell out 60.37 pesos, up from the previous 54 pesos. It’s a small bump, but every peso counts when you’re planning a getaway, right? But here’s some good news […]

Sign Up for Le Tour de France!

Cycling enthusiasts, get ready for an exhilarating ride! The famous bicycle race, L’Étape La Paz by Tour de France, is making a grand return to our beautiful state. Set against a backdrop of majestic mountains and the stunning Sea of Cortes, this race is not just a competition; it’s a journey through some of the […]

Balandra Beach Enters the Top 10 of the World

There’s some fantastic news for beach lovers and Balandra fans! The World’s 50 Best Beaches site, renowned for its prestigious rankings, has just unveiled its 2023 list. And guess what? Balandra Beach has made the cut, earning a spot among the world’s most stunning beaches. This accolade isn’t just handed out; it’s voted on by […]

Thousands of Trees Getting Planted in La Paz

BY FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ In comparison to other cities and states in Mexico, the 1,000 tree donation from the Pro Forestal Civil Organization for La Paz is small, but planting trees in a city in desperate need of shade is definitely exciting. Pro Forestal promises to deliver 9,000 more trees throughout 2024. Adding 10,000 trees to […]

La Paz Art Exhibit Not-to-Be-Missed

BY FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ On display at the La Paz Museum of Modern Art since December 15, is the art exhibit of Mexican artist Oliver Martínez. His latest series, “Ventanas,” (Windows), a collection of works he developed during his 2022 residency in Todos Santos, was inspired by the captivating sounds and textures of Baja California Sur’s […]