One More Airline Will Fly to Cabo

 One More Airline Will Fly to Cabo

Guess what? The super affordable Houston-based airline, Avelo Airlines, just spilled the beans on their latest plans. Drumroll, please… they’re launching a flight route from Los Angeles straight to the sun-soaked shores of Los Cabos! 🏝️

If you haven’t been in the loop, Avelo made its debut in the skies back in April 2021. And, just when we thought they were keeping things local, they’re expanding big time this year. Not just to Los Cabos, but they’re also spreading their wings to the vibrant Caribbean and the picturesque Puerto Rico.

Looks like we’ve got some exciting and budget-friendly travel options on the horizon. Welcome to the international scene, Avelo! Time to pack those bags and snag those deals! 🛄✈️🎉

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