You Want Bull Fights With That Food?

Local restaurant is owned by famous bullfighter

Pablo Velez owns a restaurant in San Jose, but in his youth he was a bullfighter known all over Mexico.

“I made the decision at the age of 12 that I wanted to be bullfighter,” he tells us. “After four years fighting in different type of arenas and visiting beautiful great haciendas where I lived the magic of “La Fiesta Brava” as we call the art of bullfights, I met a business man who helped me become a top bullfighter. He owned a chain of good restaurants in Mexico City, and one day he introduced me to the business. That is when I found my second passion: Gastronomy”

Lucky for us, Pablo ended up in San Jose. El Matador restaurant is a compilation of his experiences in many restaurants in Mexico City, Cancun, Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo and now here.

He tells us, “My taste for cuisine is not casual. I wear the chef jacket with dignity like a bullfighter wears the suit of lights, to create art for those who come together to enjoy life.”

The sophisticated menu includes whole lobster steamed in white wine, sea bass with shallots, herbs and capers, and scaloppini marsala with entrees starting at about $25. The wine list is extensive with prices from $45.

The food is outstanding, so the company that comes with it makes this an outstanding choice. Pablo is usually there, telling us his matador stories. Honestly, have you ever had a chance to talk to a real matador? You can ask him any questions about the “fiesta brava”, but he’s better left to tell us the stories that are on his mind each night. He’s a great story teller.

But Pablo’s current luche brava, (brave fight), is against cancer. He’s fighting it with very expensive private treatment and he could use our help by just remembering his restaurant and returning to enjoy it.

El Matador is in Chamizal, in San Jose, just past the Nun’s hospital, same side of the street. For good directions and a complete menu, go to ,