What is it Like to Live in Los Cabos as a Foreigner?


We are often asked why we moved to Los Cabos and what it is like to live here. Well, the first part of that question seems obviously self-evident. Really, just look around you. We have an amazingly beautiful slice of paradise on the tip of this gorgeous peninsula. The stark beauty of the mountains and desert often get overshadowed by the clean empty beaches, rocky coves and sea life filled bays. Both the majestic Pacific Ocean and the bio-diverse Sea of Cortez have hundreds of miles of undeveloped beachfront. Where else can you find a mild desert climate in the tropics?

In our modern age, you can live, work or retire most anywhere in the world. Once you are liberated and awaken to that fact Los Cabos makes almost every shortlist. The abundance of natural wonders and wonderful climate are but two reasons. Let us now go a little deeper and discover the other worthy reasons and what it is like living in Los Cabos as a foreigner.

Los Cabos is an international community

We live in a small neighborhood a few miles from Cabo and are surrounded by neighbors from all over the globe. There are people here from Chile, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Britain and of course the U.S. and Canada and all parts of Mexico. You never know what language will be spoken at the pool. Although our current political divide is wide, we all get along wonderfully well. Since almost everyone is from somewhere else we all strive to help each other out. I find a common bond in my fellow neighbors. We all are here to enjoy a new life and leave the stress behind. Sure things are different but isn’t that the point.

Los Cabos has modern infrastructure

While the highways, marinas, airports, utilities and general infrastructure are a little behind major U.S. standards, we enjoy better than most in other developed nations. And with the huge amount of tax income generated from a robust tourist trade, our future looks bright.

Our location allows ease of travel and is ideal for North Americans looking for a new place that is convenient for those friends and family left behind. You can always go visit them and vice versa. The number of non-stop flights to the U.S. and Canada has quadrupled and with our ever-expanding airport, the options keep expanding.

Plus if there is a major hurricane threatening, you can always batten down the hatches, grab the pets and head up Highway 1 ahead of the storm. Just try that on an island.

Mexico enjoys a lower cost of living

It is no surprise that you can keep more of your hard-earned cash in Mexico. Sure there are some of the most expensive luxury resorts, restaurants and private communities in the world in Los Cabos. There are plenty of affordable alternatives. In fact, most expenses are less than major U.S. cities. From taxes, food, education, medical, insurance and housing. You just need to know your best options and where to go just like anywhere else.

Los Cabos offers great Health Care alternatives. Not only do we enjoy modern clinics, but hospitals, dentists and health care providers the costs are lower and the insurance is also a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay up north.

Another reason we love living here is because Los Cabos is fun and offers a huge range of exciting recreational options. Besides world-famous fishing and golfing we have everything you need to live an active lifestyle. The list is too long so just trust me on this one, we have everything except the cold winter sports to keep you active.

Food is glorious.

Food is another reason to live here. Los Cabos has an internationally acclaimed restaurant scene. I don’t know about you but we just love great food. One of the things we love most about Los Cabos is the wide variety of restaurants in which to choose. Anywhere from Michelin star quality restaurants to the best street tacos on the planet, variety and quality abound. First off are the amazing Mexican restaurants. There are Mexicans from all over the country bringing their best regional dishes so you can count on the best Authentic Mexican food for sure. Plus you have an expanding list of new options from all over the planet. So if you crave variety and quality in your diet Los Cabos is for you.

Now for the last and perhaps best reason to make Los Cabos your home, the warm and friendly Mexican culture. Forget what your nervous neighbors and paranoid newsrooms are spouting about Mexico, we have found from first-hand experience that Los Cabos is a safe, secure and a wonderful community. Sure things are at a slower pace and people work to live versus live to work. This slower pace and focus on family, friends and fiestas are contagious. We often visit our friends and family up north and every time we return knowing we made a great decision moving to Baja. The flight home is full of happy people looking forward to their next well-earned Cabo vacation while we smile knowing this is our home. Now that is refreshing.

So whether you are looking for the perfect paradise to retire or a place to start a new life, Los Cabos is an ideal choice.

For more details we are happy to assist you. In fact, that is exactly what we do. You will love your new Cabo Lifestyle. We sure do. CabosFinest- Your Insider’s Guide to Los Cabos.