What’s The Deal On the Bed Sheet?

That’s Not A Bed Sheet, That’s A Detour Sign


Downtown San Jose is undergoing a months long saga of reconstruction. Normally we would chastise you for not remembering we wrote about this already, explaining exactly what they think they are doing, but this project is taking so long we forgive you for not remembering when it first started.

Anyhow, construction is now turning up the hill, going up the up street, and of course it is not without controversy. Some people, principally those who have businesses impacted by drawn out construction, are not happy with the direction it’s moving, nor the goal of it.

The goal is to cause the streets to blend in with the nearby newly renovated historical district, and to re-lay the electrical, sewage, and fresh water pipes. And to put the overhead wires underground.

They are more than half way through the project and when this bed sheet went up, the public caused them to revisit the direction and goal of the project. Stay tuned.