Whale Watch Cabo Creates Sculpture For Animal Conservation


Yline Trujillo represents Whale Watch Cabo, a whale watching company located in Baja California Sur, Mexico. She is also a volunteer for Zero Waste Los Cabos and raises awareness about animal conservation.

Trujillo started creating a sculpture at the end of April 2019 that stands approximately 10 feet high and is made out of plastic. The sculpture is currently at the entrance of Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS).

On November 14 students will honor the closure of the viewing. Following, the sculpture will be moved to different places with the goal of educating people about the importance of animal conservation.

The sculpture will be displayed on the Marina in order to raise awareness about the environment, their intention and message to the population. Trujillo was assisted by her group of activists, artists, and divers when creating the sculpture. The organization has support from Zero Waste Los Cabos, Whale Watch Cabo, and other individuals. 

Interesting, a sculpture made of recycled materials, such as plastic and is of a fisherman. The fisherman is catching garbage instead of fish, The purpose of the sculpture is to raise public awareness about this problem. Trujillo wants to stress the importance of protecting whales and all underwater life.

This organization also captured underwater photographs for Extinction Rebellion, a movement that started in London, England, that is growing around the world. This movement aims to raise awareness about the rising of the Ocean and the importance of changing our consumption habits.

Trujillo is also active in the dive industry as well as whale watching and believes that with the new season for the humpback whales soon approaching there is a need to encourage people to respect these gentle giants.

For more information on Found at Sea Explorers, their Facebook page is: Found at Sea Explorers or you may call them on 984-168-9374 (United States) or email the foundation at foundatseaexplorers@gmail.com.