We Have A New Mayor

Let’s All Hope For The best

Arturo De la Rosa was born in Ciudad Constitucion, a small agricultural town north of La Paz, on May 4, 1971 (age: 44). He graduated in law from the state’s Autonomous University (UABCS) in La Paz.

Arturo_De_la_Rosa_Presidente_Los_Cabos.jpgDe la Rosa and his five brothers were part of former Governor Nabiso Agundez’ team, until De la Rosa broke with Agundez and the leftist PRD party in 2011, prior to Agundez going to prison. De la Rosa then moved to the right leaning PAN party.

He served as the Governor’s secretary general, as a city councilman in Los Cabos, and as a city government delegate in Cabo San Lucas.

De la Rosa also served in the state congress as president of the Grand Commission and as a lawmaker in the Mexican national congress. He was accused of misuse of funds to the tune of nearly half a million dollars while president of the grand commission of the state congress, but the investigation petered out. Well, we’re not real worried, there isn’t much to steal from us, since our outgoing mayor left us $60 million in debt.

De la Rosa ran for the Los Cabos mayoral position in 2011 but lost to Tony Agundez, the outgoing mayor.