We Get A Water Park

Right near downtown Cabo, who needs water for a water park anyway?

Sometime in October a new water park will open. It’s currently under construction and it looks like it’s going to be truly amazing.

Four Gringo partners are buying giant, four story blow up structures, puffing them up, and expecting us to climb all the way up there and slide down into a blow up pool. This entire park is a collection of blow up puffy above ground pools. All made in China and shipped over. The water right now is trucked in, but the owners are “in talks” with the city in hopes that they will eventually get city water.

No doubt there will be skeptics that the patch of vacant land across from the soccer field and in front of Cascades hotel can be transformed so completely, so go out and look. Or wait until they open. Entry will be about $20 for locals and $39 for tourists. That’s for an entire day of entertainment and sun.

In addition to the two giant slides, there are a dozen or more above ground pools with various mechanical obstacle courses. Like the bucking shark in place of the traditional bucking bull. Each pool has its own mechanical challenge that will keep kids of all ages engaged. There is one pool about Olympic size, four feet deep, that will have lounges on a deck surrounding it and down the middle is a challenge course which will be much fun to watch. That in itself is endless entertainment, even if you are not up to running the challenge course yourself. There is the biggest bounce house in Cabo, with a sticky wall and other imaginative challenges we won’t spoil by describing for you. There is even a zip line zipping across the whole shebang.

Of course there is a full bar and a restaurant with snacky stuff. There are chairs and tables under umbrellas, lockers and showers, and plenty of parking. This is a destination for all day, you have everything you need, just bring your suntan lotion.

The entire park is covered with that grass that isn’t grass, but is nice and green, and there are pavers for paths. Unfortunately, the ground will be hot, so bring flip flops.

The electricity that supplies the air for the puff-ups is underground so that’s silent. Altogether, it’s a nice, tranquil environment. Except of course for the squealing of the people, both adults and kids.