We’re Famous!

We must be famous, we have people who’ve never been here singing our praises

You haven’t really arrived until you have a song about you, and Cabo actually has several, but a girl and a town can never have too many admirers.

A Springfield Missouri band is hoping to spring to fame and fortune singing the praises of CaboToby Keith had a big hit about us, and Kenny Chesney has sung about us. Mike Hill, a local musician, has written a very catchy tune about Cabo. Now a six piece country band from Springfield Missouri has written a Cabo song. This was a special challenge because none of the band mates have ever even been here! They became interested when family members who are Mexican told them about us.

SpringTown recorded the song and sent us an MP3 of it  which we put on our facebook page. (gringogazettecabo).

“Down in Cabo San Lucas” is also available for digital download through Reverbnation.com and Itunes.com.

The band would like to come to Cabo, but all six of them have real jobs, (the lead singers are registered nurses), and the chance of them all getting time off at the same time is about nil.

But they’re very excited because a videographer associated with the Los Cabo Tourism Board is interested in shooting a music video of the song. Strange they are promoting a band who has never set foot in Cabo when we have musicians right here who are stuggling to be known and who do a wonderful job of promoting Cabo with their home grown songs, but we wish everyone the best.

Here are the lyrics for everyone who doesn’t care enough to go to the internet to hear it, but cares enough to take a small look at the song.

Down in Cabo San Lucas. Words and Music by Michael and Cindy Tucker, Copyright 2015.

Just checked the mailbox

And what did I see

A tax return check starin’ back at me

Now what to do

With all this money to burn

There’s a Baja destination

Waitin’ our return

C’mon baby

You know it’d be nice

The peninsula is callin’

Cabo paradise


And we’ll play a little bit more….

And we’ll work a little bit less….

Checkin’ in, but checkin’ out…

Down in Cabo San Lucas

It’s an excursion

Time to reserve

It’s a diversion ya know we deserve

I’ll get the tickets

And you make the time

We’re off to heaven

On a jet airline

We’ll hit the beaches

And sail the warm seas

El Arco de Cabo in the sunset breeze

Repeat chorus

A little closer

To the equator line

The Chileno sun is burnin’ overtime

There’s summer year round

On Medano shore

Where the frozen margaritas and the Wabo pour

So c’mon baby

Ya know we’ll find

Mexico’s Pacific party Cabo state of mind


The band can be reached at cindytuckermusic@aol.com www.springtownmusic.com.