Todos Santos’ Best Kept Culinary Secrets

A real brief run down of what could be everyone’s favorites

As of the most recent count by  someone or other, Todos Santos is home to around 7,000 people. For such a small town, this Pueblo Mágico is also home to an oddly high number of sporting facilities, art galleries, and of course, restaurants. Surely, you’d expect to find delicious Mexican food around every corner but after some diligent research, we’ve uncovered some cuisine you’d never expect to find in a rural Mexican town. Next time you pass this through this little oasis in the desert, be sure and enjoy at least one of these other worldly treats.

Wonton Soup: While Rumi’s Garden is open only during high season, their Asian fare provides reliable relief from corn, beans, and there isn’t a tortilla in sight. In high season you may even happen upon their open-mic for poets, writers and creative types of all sorts. (Check out Art for Life’s Facebook page for details.) But we’re here to tell you about their delicious wonton soup. With slices of shiitake mushrooms and overflowing with that illusive flavor, Umami, this inexpensive soup is as good as any you’d find in any given Chinatown.

Macaroons & Crepes: The Guaycura Hotel (pronounced Y-KOO-ra) may be named after the area’s pre-hispanic native tribe, but their new outpost of Cabo’s French Riviera Restaurant is more Marie Antoinette and less hunter gatherer. Croissants, delectable French pastries and of course all the macaroons you could ever want accompany a full menu of sweet and savory crepes. Bon appetite!

Waffle pops: Corazon de Té does more for waffle sandwiches than Waffle House ever dreamed possible. Still, it’s their waffles on a stick, coated with chocolate and sold like blow pops that will really amp up your road trip.

Topo Chico Cold Brew Coffee: Taller 17’s Cold Brew coffee might be illegal soon 'cause it’s dank. If you have a drive ahead of you or just need more things to do with Topo Chico, this beverage is for you. Suspicious of its' contents, I asked the proprietor what was in this bubbly beverage and she swore it’s only Topo Chico and cold brew coffee. 18 hours cold brew. I don’t know what that even means but it sounds, and tastes serious.

Homemade Donuts: Jazamango’s bakery boasts ample treats and endlessly kind, talented Mexican bakers. Their donuts are made fresh daily and will only cost you 20 pesos each. This bakery does something with a glaze donut (what I mistakenly thought was just a donut with simple vanilla frosting) that I never thought possible outside of a Dunkin’ Donuts. I’m still confused about how $20 pesos afforded my taste buds that much pleasure. I’ll have to go back again to sort that all out.

Homemade baguettes and sourdough bread: Again, Jazamango bakery. But these staples can also be found at the other end of Calle Miguel Hidalgo at the French Riviera inside The Guaycura Hotel. Suddenly, we are so cosmopolitan with all these baguette options.

Mac n’ Cheese, Corn Bread, Baby Back Ribs: I was raised in the south. As long as I’ve been away, I’ve yearned daily for true Southern Food. Briquetta was started a year ago on the far side of town by some well travelled locals who understand Southern BBQ in a way that gets to me every time. Everything on their-cooker menu is amazing. But the real soul food here is the Mac n’ Cheese and the corn bread. They taste just like the sweet sunny south.

Omakase: genius behind Pacifica Fish Market (Patrick) and his beautiful muse (Divier) open their doors to the public every Tuesday—Sunday. Their outstanding day menu of fish n’ chips, spicy shrimp super burros and whole fresh fish are outdone only by their well kept secret, a private Omakase dinner option. They take only one reservation per night. It’s $50 per person and it’s all the sushi you can eat. There is no menu. Because when the most talented sushi chef you’ve ever met offers you endless sushi, you don’t tell him what you think you want, because he knows better.

Homemade American Style Chocolate Chip Cookies & Hagen Daaz Ice Cream: Esquina’s weekly Wednesday Farmers Market is a grab bag where you can find everything from DVDs to essential oils and Mexican hand woven baskets. But guess what’s available every single day of the week? Big juicy American sized chocolate chip cookies. And Hagen-daas Ice Cream. You’re welcome.