Tech’ed Up House Hard To Find Here

Because few people know how to service and install the newest technology

Anyone who has even tried to get reliable English television here knows what a challenge that modest goal is. And if you want to get your entire home smart wired? That’s even more grief. It’s because most of the locals just don’t have the background to install it, nor the contacts to import the equipment, which is invariably American.

But with the high cost of building many of these homes here, and the lousy police force we have, taking care of that home has become a challenge. Homeowners want all the technology goodies they have at home and they want the piece of mind that their investment is safe. Both of these objectives can be handled if we can only had the Geek Squad down here. Well, we do.

Mark Aucera owns Los Cabos A/V and has a retail store and offices on the fourlane right outside of Cabo at km 4, in Plaza Juan Diego. It looks kind of like a techie’s Radio Shack but it comes with  a more knowledgeable guy behind the counter who also does outcall. That’s most of his business, jamming out to your house like the Geek Squad, to set up swanky home entertainment systems and wiring houses for surveillance, sound, and off site control. Much of his equipment is Honeywell, because he is a dealer for the Honeywell Total Connect Program.

After Mark is done with your house you can control everything in your house from your smart phone or computer from anywhere in the world. You can lock down your house or you can open it to certain people. You can watch videos of your dog sleeping on your bed, (you left your dog in the house while you’re in the States??), or you can hear your dog through audio equipment. Well, actually, you can even feed your dog from your smartphone.

Do you want ESPN and all the networks on your TV? Mark can do that. Do you want to bring telephones into your house but don’t want to deal with Telmex? Mark can do that, and you don’t have to wait around for Telmex to maybe show up. Or maybe not.

The monitoring services have come a long way lately, with no more false alarms that discourage the police from responding. When  an intruder is detected, the people over in Monterry, on the mainland, who are monitoring the home, call the police for you, and because of their ongoing  rapport, the police know there is actually a  problem, so they jet out ther. Those monitors can detect broken glass or motion inside the house, and these systems can not be circumvented by snipping a line. Most of this is wireless these days.

Mark Aucera has been working here in Cabo in the wired and wireless telecom industry since 1998 and has built up a reputation for being the most reliable, if not the cheapest tech in town. He shows up and gets the job done, and that’s a rarity. He picked up some of this on his own, but then many of his manufacturers sent him to their schools, so now he has a collection of more than 30 certificates of completion from various tech schools.

So, this guy is a good option for the well wired home. He can be reached on his cellie at 624 143 1346.