Tales From The Hood



There have been times in my life when bigger men, more important men have willingly done my bidding… and there have been times when fate has made me kowtow to the lowest of men and fate by its own self. I think of what it must have been like for Emperor Hirohito when General Douglas MacArthur got tired of The Emperor's middlemen postponing the complete surrender ceremony after the total and complete conquest of Imperial Japan. MacArthur was not a man to be dallied with as he was for all purposes, the most powerful General who ever lived. His grade point average at West Point has yet to be beaten to this day. He then sent for the Emperor's horse, a seventeen hand high white stallion, and mounted it with his West Point saddle in his custom made five-star general uniform with an ivory-handled sidearm and rode right into the Emperor's throne room. On the horse. He then told Hirohito to get off his thrown and KOWTOW in the prone position surrendering his ceremonial sword and that was that. He let Hirohito live, but had Tojo and just about every ranking officer involved in the war, hung.

Hirohito was against the war and wrote the Japanese congress after the attack on Pearl Harbor a Haiku, which is a Japanese poem that can also be known as a Hokku. A Haiku is a type of poetry that can be written on many themes, from love to nature. A Haiku consists of 3 lines and 17 syllables. Each line has a set number of syllables see below: Line 1 – 5 syllables.  Translated it said, “You have awaken the sleeping giant.” That poem struck a nerve in MacArthur and save Hirohito’s life.

Right now I feel a little like Hirohito and the Coronavirus is MacArthur. I am down, but not out. My Chihuahua, Gigi, looks at me and says, “arrrrrouara“, which in Chihuahua translates to, “why don’t you quit feeling sorry for yourself and make me a nice salad while I sun myself on the balcony.“  She also suggested for me to check in with some of my favorite people … one of who is Dr. Wendy Rudell.

Dr. Wendy Rudell has a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine from IQUIM (International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine) and is certified with the NTCB (Natural therapies certification board) as a Naturopathic Coach. Wendy, by the way, looks like a spiritual Jessica Rabbit. She is beyond successful and in addition to being brilliant, owns a piece of land out by the airport that is the size of a small country where she is building a Utopian organic community. Her vineyard produced 300 bottles of sparkling wine this year.

In her early 70s, she is elegantly handsome with the body of a beauty queen. She offers extensive wellness coaching in diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes to bring about optimum health and well-being. She takes clients based on a number of factors, but think about $250 USD to get started. She will also work with you over the phone … and her work with biofeedback is incredible. She can tell if you have the virus over the phone … and here is the good part, she can cure it too!

You should see her face when she sees me … as I am a little overweight, but just by a hundred pounds. Over the years she has applied her best therapies to me, but I am not a good patient.

Wendy is not happy that she can’t go swimming in the ocean these days. She says we need contact with bacteria to keep our immune systems working properly. Wendy feels like all this sterilization is going to have long-term negative effects because, in a pristine environment free of germs, our immune systems will get lazy and not be able to fight off even a simple virus or bacteria.

As a coach, for lasting results, Wendy encourages each person to make a commitment of time to achieve their health goals whatever those may be. I want to be young and skinny again, but apparently, it takes a lot of will power, something, I have little of … but God bless her she still takes my calls and when on occasion I feel myself falling. Sometimes we see each other at Costco in the liquor section she chides me gently for still being a beast.

Dr. Wendy will do a “scan” on you based on a questioner you must fill out first. She can get a feel for what is needed and also what your health goals are. It’s always about a personal choice. She doesn't push her own ideas on anyone as each person is unique and their bodies are unique. So health has to be individualized for each person. I do recommend a series of sessions as a commitment. She recommends ten sessions over three to six months and more for those that have more serious issues. Coaching includes assessment, recommendations, books and articles to read, supplements to buy and lifestyle changes. Working with a coach keeps a person accountable to not just himself or herself but to another so it’s a partnership and education with someone holding your hand to help one over the challenges they face.

We Cabonians are lucky to have such a wonderful spiritually gifted person living here among us … personally, I feel like she may have been dropped off here from another galaxy. For more information or a consultation please feel free to email Wendy at wrudell@yahoo.com or call for an appointment at 624 144 0769. www.wendyrudell.com Tell her Mondo sent you.