Story Of A Local Singer

She’s booked six days a week

Luna Itzel has been playing in and around Los Cabos for many many years, yet it’s surprising some people don’t recognize her name.  She is a talented, passionate Mexican singer who is accompanied by her husband, Helder Ruelas, on acoustic guitar and he is also an occasional bass player.  She has been with him for 24 years, and he has worked beside Luna since her first steps as a professional musician. They play Latin pop, bolero, and traditional Mexican music.  Their music is not only something to listen to but experience as well. 

Her name is unique.  Not a traditional name like Maria, Ana, or Patricia.  Luna, her first name, is of Latin origin and means the moon.  In mythology Luna is one of the names of Artemis the moon goddess.  Itzel is a Mayan name meaning rainbow goddess.  Now, she is also a music goddess.

Her dream as a child was to be a teacher or a doctor and work with people.  Nobody in her family was a musician except her grandfather, and he didn’t live nearby.  He sang and played guitar in Guanajuato, and her family lived in Mexico City. 

When she was five years old, little Luna started singing at family parties.  At first, she didn’t like it, as it made her nervous, but it perked her interest, and she soon realized she had talent.  Little Luna grew up to attain a bachelor’s degree in theater and philosophy from UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico).  For nine years, she took private lessons from Ricardo Sanchez who had trained her idols Eugenia Leon and Tania Libertad. In addition, she studied a year in the Escuela Libre de Musica (Free School of Music). 

All that training paid off.  No longer being a nervous little girl, she discovered that she enjoyed the excitement of performing in front of a live audience and the connection with the crowd.  It was then that Luna decided to make a career out of music, and she’s never looked backed.

Luna Itzel has been on the music charts for over 25 years and has 7 CDs with original songs.  She has toured abroad in Canada, Argentina, the USA ,(Colorado, New Mexico, California, Texas) and all over  Mexico. 

Luna has a heart for the community, and often gives benefit concerts to raise funds for charities that help to improve peoples’ lives.  She works with the Choir Without Voices (Coro Sin Voces) which is composed of hearing impaired children.    Once a month, together they perform at Cascadas de Baja in conjunction with the Mexican Fiesta night.  She sings, and they sing with their hands using sign language while the Mexican folklore dancers perform. The proceeds are used to help support the choir and the children’s needs by providing hearing devices, surgeries, and other treatments. 

Last May, Luna gave a benefit concert at the Cultural Center in Cabo for the Sarahuaro Foundation (Fundación Sarahuaro). The proceeds were donated to build a house called the Sarahuaro Women’s House (Casa de la Mujer Sarahuaro) in the Tierra y Libertad neighborhood of Cabo San Lucas.  The center provides educational programs and help to benefit women living in vulnerable situations  

Luna Itzel has a busy schedule playing all around town six nights a week.  You will find her at the following places starting at 7:00 pm except as noted.

Tuesdays: The Office

Wednesdays:  Solomon’s Landing

Thrusdays: Playa Grande Risco Restaurant

Fridays: Cascadas de Baja 7:30-8:30 pm

Saturdays: Grand Mayan

Sundays: Fiesta Americana Fire Pit: 8:00 pm