So, You Think Uber Can Solve Our Bandit Taxi Problems?


We’re all pretty sick of our taxi industry here in Cabo. The drivers are rude, they don’t even try to speak English, and the bandit rates they charge are protected by the taxi cartel owners who are in cahoots with politicians they pay off.

It often costs more for our tourists to taxi from their hotel on the corridor to the restaurants in town than to buy a nice dinner once they get downtown.

taxi.jpgUntil we get better government, there will be no end to this tourism killer, but maybe we don’t have it as bad as the people who use taxis in Mexico City. People are so fed up with the taxis there that they’re risking confrontation with angry taxistas to use Uber, the smart phone driven car service that has quickly spread all over the world.

But the taxi drivers are fighting back, picketing and setting cars on fire to protest what they say is unfair competition. Licensed cabbies are demanding authorities arrest Uber drivers and seize their cars.

One woman who uses Uber instead of taxis explained her choice this way:

“When I take a taxi, the drivers rarely have change, so I have to go into a store to buy water to get change to pay them. But when I take Uber, the driver gives me free water and they always have change.”

Another man who uses Uber instead of taxis explains, “I’m just tired of being abused by the taxi drivers who use fowl language, never know where they’re going, and frankly, many of them smell bad.”

Makes you appreciate our taxistas a little more? Don’t think that way: we don’t have Uber here because our taxi drivers would drive them out of town before noon of the first day they try it.

But, I don’t think our cranky drivers smell that bad, do you?