Should You Hire A Drone?

Maybe. Here’s why

These days you see beauty shots of homes for sale, taken from the air. And why not? It’s cheap to send a little toy sized drone up over your home with orders to pop a shot.

Drones are essentially changing the real estate market by providing advantages to both buyers and sellers. Potential buyers can identify properties that are at the top of their list by selecting assets via virtual tours and aerial photos, saving them both time and money.

Before the invention of drones, aerial photography had to be filmed using a helicopter or airplane. The problem with using an aircraft to film a property from the sky, was that it was extremely expensive. Since the cost was so high, aerial photography was usually reserved for high-end properties that had a large marketing budget. Also, an aircraft has to shoot from a high altitude and the photos were a hit or miss. Drones are capable of flying at a lower altitude than aircraft to really capture and highlight all angles of a property.

For anyone looking to market their property with a competitive edge, drone photography is now one of your best options. It has been statistically proven to increase foot traffic to a property, ultimately increasing competition between potential buyers. Be sure to check if your real estate agent includes drone photography with their listing to make sure your home keeps up with the competition. You may want to write that right into your contract, as before you sign that listing is when you can still make demands.

Drone videos and aerial photography that once costs thousands if not tens of thousands can now be filmed for a mere fraction of the cost it once was. In Los Cabos the cost is about $300 to $500 and since there is no cost to flying the battery operated contraption, that is a pretty outrageous price. They only cost $500 to buy anymore. A smart Realtor will buy his or her own, since the software is so good anymore that they nearly fly themselves. The work is in editing, though. That does get tricky. We would suggest you use the services of a company like which will take your raw footage and make it pretty for about $80 for the length of video appropriate to show a property. There you go, you’ve saved more than enough to buy your own drone on your first shoot

Here are some specific benefits of drone photography:

Makes your property stand out from the competition. Drone photography distinguishes one property from another, as well as shows a buyer that a seller is motivated and willing to go the extra mile to present their property to them.

Highlights more property features. Including the surrounding neighborhood. Drone photography can show off the grounds around the home including the landscaping, back yard, condition of roof, and features such as a deck and pool. It also gives a potential buyer a better understanding of the entire grounds. And, with a wide shot, you can show how close to the ocean you are.

Gives the buyer a 360 degree view of the space providing a unique chance to display a tour of the exterior of the property, giving the audience the feel that they are personally attending the tour. Potential buyers are more likely to purchase a property when they can visualize the space for their own needs.

Create visually compelling photos and images. From your marketing package, to online advertising, drone photography can create a more interesting photo for an audience. Potential buyers will be more inclined to pursue a property with aerial photography, than the typical one that displays the property’s front, back, and interior. A drone video can show you how close a home is to parks, schools, public transportation and much more. Something that was previously done by looking at grainy satellite photos, which were normally out of date. Drone videos can now show you detailed images of an entire neighborhood.

So, go for it! Get the competitive edge in landing that listing, and at the same time show your listing so well, it cuts down on showing time: They will already have a good idea that they’re interested.