A Self-Made Legend In Cabo

Ed Dutko shares the story of his life and how he built our CaboRey

I’d like to introduce you to the man behind the dinner cruise, Mr. Ed Dutko.  The 91 year old also claims the title of the first to bring parasailing to Mexico but around here, you may know him as the guy who built the CaboRey, that giant concrete boat that

hosts both a luxury sunset dinner cruise and daytime snorkel trips.

We sat down with Sr. Dutko to learn about his life and accomplishments, and they are amazing.

He is originally from California and has a background in film production and came down to Mexico to coproduce a Latin American film.

Through bad investments, he, his wife, and their two kids were left in Acapulco with nothing but their car. In a stroke of luck he was offered a concession stand at a resort,

so he started a parasailing business.  He began with a single parachute back in the day when people had to run like hell to get airborne. And if you didn’t run fast enough and ran out of beach you would be in the sea with the damn parachute draped over you like a giant table cloth.

The unlikely business ended up being a huge success, and Dutko made many tweaks to the process, making it available to anyone, not just the young and the athletic. He was off and running in his Mexican career.

After his success in the parasailing business, his next endeavor would be building Cabo’s own concrete CaboRey. He originally wanted to build this boat in the Canary Islands, in Spain, but his family wasn’t interested in relocating to Spain. After a trip to Cabo, he was convinced that Cabo would become just as prosperous as Spain and in the 90s decided to base himself and his new boat here . Lucky us.

This 110-foot catamaran was made out of concrete, and many people watching the boat being built, (including us here at the Gringo Gazette) laughed and said a concrete boat would never float. He built it in the arroyo next to the Villa del Palmar.

Much to the chagrin of the naysayers, the CaboRey was finally jacked up onto telephone poles and rolled into the water. Turns out he had a plan for moving it too.

Mr. Dutko says he’s made a profit every year from the CaboRey, and much of his business comes from repeat customers and referrals. The CaboRey offers the option of a sunset dinner buffet on the lower deck, or a luxury dinner with wait staff and a great floorshow on the upper deck. If at all in your budget, the VIP option is well worth it.

These days the elderly gentleman stays behind the scenes while his daughter runs his business. He’s currently directing the first mega yacht which he claims to be the first such boat built in Mexico. This is a multi-million dollar project based in La Paz and is the culmination of years of successful shipbuilding and business operations. This man is entirely self-taught, with no background in engineering, construction, or architecture. He learns by doing, reading, and asking for help-- a method many of us might want to try for ourselves. He is so good at what he does that naval engineers have asked him for insight and civilian engineers buy tickets for the CaboRey just to check out Ed’s ingenious creation.

This life and story is one of trial and error, and persistence in the face of adversity. His success has not come without some serious struggles, but he got back up each time he was knocked down and came out on top. At 91, Don Eduardo has lived through two gunshot wounds (the result of a burglary in Acapulco), a heart attack, six stents, and health challenges that would keep a horse down. He’s still as sharp as ever, and is truly a testament to how far you can go if you believe in your abilities and work hard to realize your dreams.