Sand Castle Build!

Beat you to the car

Every year the hotel VidaSoul and the Crossroads Country Club holds their world famoso annual sand castle competition, an all-day family event.

The build this year will take place on Sunday, April 22 and is coordinated by Brett Stocker, who has participated in sand sculpting competitions at the QF Canadian open in Parksville, the Blue Water Sandfest in Port Huron, MI., and has traveled to Europe and Russia and everywhere in between, building sand castles. Yes, turns out you can make a career of building sand castles, who knew?

Stocker begins the event at noon, by giving amateur competitors of all ages tips on sculpting and keeps circulating, giving teams pointers.

Even if you’re not a sculptor you can enjoy watching the event, drinking, fooding, and enjoying the live music. It’s a real happening.

VidaSoul and the Crossroads Country Club are at Vinorama, halfway between San Jose and Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, yes, on the dirt road. So what? You’ve got a rental and this is a good excuse to see the (in)famous East Cape and see how well these folks can live off the grid.

VidaSoul is a surprisingly modern beachfront hotel with a restaurant/bar and a small store. Well, surprising to us, as we remember when it was just the Crossroads Country Club which was a lean-to that served up sandwiches. Look for VidaSoul in Facebook, or call 624 142-1165

A short cut if you don’t want to bump up the East Cape road, would be to bump out the Palo Escopeta road, past the town dump, turn left at the coast, (that would be the East Cape Road), and boom! You’re there! Don’t over shoot it, it’s about 500 yards. The Palo Escopeta road goes East, (towards the ocean, Bunky), from the fourlane almost to the airport. VidaSoul’s website has a map hidden under “contacts”.