Sancho Panza is Baack!


The Gods have given Cabo a great gift to end the decade... Sancho Panza, a restaurant featuring the legendary food God and the first Celebrity Chef Jeremiah Towers, which opened to a soft opening last week. We, expatriates of a certain ilk, have all heard of Jeremiah, but my pal Gordon has actually met him decades ago and is one of his biggest fans... actually, a devotee may be a more appropriate word.  Needless to say, when I told him of the opening, he quite literally went into what I can only describe as edgy euphoria till opening night. Gordon knows his stuff too as he invented the Kalamazoo Grill and is a foody who travels the world in search of edible perfections on a plate.

Sancho Panza (3).JPG

The interior is fun and festive... colorful and unique. One is immediately drawn to the kitchen which at the far end is set up like a stage featuring a plethora of burners, stoves, ovens, and utensils which are played like magic instruments as the many Sou Chefs work like rock stars on stage. Everything has been designed by Jeremiah down to the last mixing bowl. At the other end next to the entrance is a stage with a wonderful orchestra which is not too loud so you can have a conversation and plays hit tunes. The service is in a class by itself. Its old school Five Star service like you see in Paris or New York City in Three Star joints where you need a lawyer to get a reservation in. At Sancho Panza, you are greeted at the door by a couple of beautiful hostesses who are self-assured and immediately make you feel at home. They are led by Maryoly Fonsecca, clearly in charge, classy and sophisticated. Maryoly also happens to knows more about wine than a Cordon Bleu sommelier and in fact selected the entire cellar with Jeremiah looking over her shoulder.

Sancho Panza is pricey but not as other celebrity-run restaurants in Los Cabos. Starters start at $20 but they’re worth it. Go with a good appetite and time to enjoy one of the finest gastronomic experiences of your life. I have been to 58 countries and grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth and I have had shellfish all over the world, but none like Jeremiah’s. We started with the Kono oysters served at the perfect temperature topped with salmon caviar and magic sauce, at 500 pesos, a bargain as I can't wait to go back and slowly swallow more. I also had the foie gras... which begged me to order the grouper. Yes, Jeremiah's food talks to you. The rest of the menu is not like anything within a few thousand miles of Cabo.

Over the next millennium of 2020, Gordon and I plan to sit at Sancho Panza and work our way through everything on the menu including the duck breasts, crabmeat ravioli, grouper, lamb shank, double pork chops, more foie gras, three-color lobsters, grouper and salmon with Maryoly at the helm of the wine pairing.

Happy New Year everyone. Give yourself a treat, watch the documentare about Jeremiah on NETFLIX (produced by the late Chef Anthony Bourdain) and then call Maryoly at 998- 292- 7301 or 624-122-0824 to make a reservation at Sancho Panza. Tell her Gordon and Mondo sent you.  If you are blessed, you may even get a glimpse of the living God himself... if you do, bow respectfully, sit down and order something special, out of respect. Bon appetite!