San Jose Del Cabo Karate Club


Jose Luis Moctezuma and his brother Enrique have been running the local Karate Club for 19 years and offer morning and evening classes five days a week and train kids as young as six years old known as tiny tigers.

It's a family-run club with three generations of karate practitioners who have taught and trained.

Jose and his three brothers are all black belts and Jose’s two sons are black belts, even his three grandchildren are brown belts.

I met Jose 10 years ago when some Judo buddies were down in the winter for some sun and fishing. I contacted Jose to see if we could rent his mat area for a few hours while they were down visiting.

We offered to pay but he wouldn't accept anything, he just wanted to watch while we trained.

Some of the Judoist had placed nationally when they were younger, others were still competing in Master Tournaments. I guess he liked what he saw.

He wrangled me into signing up for Karate after my buddies headed home.

He then trained me and the other club members relentlessly for the next three months. I had trained for five years back in Canada in my late teens and early twenties with the National champion at the time in Kata with Shotokan Karate.

He, like Jose and Enrique, had dedicated his life to the sport. I soon realized the skill level and dedication Jose had put into the sport. Both Jose and Enrique's skill level is comparable to the top instructors in Canada.

All hidden away in the quiet back streets of San Jose. Jose will usually start people training twice a week then encouraging them to train four times a week as your strength and conditioning improves. He is patent with novices and will challenge intermediate and advanced fighters to strive for more. The club has produced many medals at a regional and state level, and I'm sure it will continue to do so as the community of San Jose expands.

The club is well laid out with good mats, heavy bags and arm kick bags.

There is between 50 and 70 regular students both novice and advanced made up of kids, teenagers and adults. Typically drenched in sweat by the end of the class.

They usually invite top-ranking Japanese guests to put on a clinic once a year who instruct at the club for a few weeks.

The last clinic I attended was held at the auditorium by the football field downtown San Jose. It was in November, 82 degrees and 70 percent humidity. I lasted two of the three days. Then age set in.

An injury put me on the sideline and I watched the clinic from the stands after that as 50 to 60 brown and black belts had come to attend from all over Mexico.

The head instructor was from Japan and placed first at the world championships the same year. He was at the top of his game. The difference between a national champion and world champion is night and day. It's a different level.

Clean crisp techniques demonstrated with speed and strength with a stoic composure only the Japanese can pull off. It was a pleasure to watch.

I had a chance to socialize with the Japanese head instructors along with the club members a week later. It was good to see the mutual respect they all had for Jose and each other. Probably developed over the three trips Jose had taken to Japan to hone his craft. Jose is an asset to karate development in Mexico.

For anyone young or old who has studied Shotokan Karate before or who have thought he or she would like to try it out, it's a great club to train out of.

Shorts and t-shirt are fine for the first few weeks of workouts. Then the club can set you up with a Karate Gee if you like it. They train Monday to Friday both morning and evening classes.

The club is located San Jose Del Cabo off of Pescador on Calle Pleamor #8 Entre Berlovento Y Sotonvento. Contact info can be found on Facebook Japan Karate Shotorenmei, Los Cabo Facebook. Cell number 624 121 3391 or