Rene’s Now A Fancy Pants Casino

It’s more fun to lose one’s rent money in pretty surroundings

History will say that Rene’s restaurant/bar, an institution in Rosarito Beach, will remain an historic site on the boulevard but in a different, way prettier form. Rene’s the down and dirty passed away some months ago only to be resurrected into an exciting world class gambling mecca built explicitly for the ex-pat community. Get ready, because the extensive renovations are nearly complete and soon it will be open for our business.

I got an inside peek by the project director Roberto Sanchez who has shown vision, knowledge, humor, intuitiveness and guts in this complete to the walls remodel.  He is creating what could become the entertainment hub of Rosarito Beach. Mr. Sanchez remembers coming to our town with his father when he was a child because his dad was part of the construction crew creating the original Rene’s. So when the casino plans became a reality, Rene’s Restaurant became his first choice for the site.

 Food in a casino is important. Say you watch a good horse race, get all worked up when you lose, (which is most of the time), and a really first class meal and excellent glass of wine makes everything better. Rene’s will be presenting a daily buffet prepared by three chefs who have all graduated from prestigious culinary academies from around the world. The price for this sumptuous buffet will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 pesos.  Sunday’s will feature a lobster buffet, the price of which will be determined by the patron’s gambling habits, not unlike Las Vegas comps. That means the more you lose the cheaper the meal. Well, officially it means the bigger the chips you buy in with, the cheaper your breakfast. There is also a café for coffee and snacks. (That would be for the penny slot players?) Dancing will be offered in the bar area, which will feature live entertainment imported from all over the States. There is a smoking section filled with slot machines of many kinds, shapes and denominations to keep the smokers interested and hopefully flush with coins.

I was shown a slot machine unlike any I have ever seen. It was made in Germany for $25,000 and appeared to operate like a tablet with a swipe of the hand, giving you many options for different games. Of course the outcomes will always be the same, but the gamblers won’t become bored. The slots were gorgeous, with really beautiful visuals.

The sports book section offers 18 televisions and even unfinished, it looks very comfortable. And Rene’s will be offering free drinks during happy hour. The soft opening will be some time next month, with limited gambling, with the big blow out grand opening in January after there will be an additional wing added on for the black jack, craps, roulette and poker and then the casino will be really ready, and will remain open until 1 or possibly 2 am daily.  There will be valet parking with 100  parking spaces.

Gambling responsibly is a given and I hope we can all be of good faith and good cheer as this casino opens for our pleasure, not to be enjoyed irresponsibly.