Quinceaneras Godparents Needed

We’ll explain what that is

A quinceanera is the Mexican equivalent of a Sweet 16 party, or Bat Mitzvah, or coming out party, but on steroids. Think of it less as a birthday party, and more like a wedding and reception.

This isn’t merely a birthday party, but the most important day in a young woman’s life, as she leaves her childhood behind and becomes a woman eligible for grown up, er, activities.

Many families save for many years so they can provide their daughters with the Quinceanera of their dreams. However, 15 15 year olds and 15 families here in Rosarito Beach are in despair because they just couldn’t save the money to grant their daughters those dreams.

Everyone, individuals and clubs, are invited to participate in the solution they came up with. Normally, each girl celebrates her own personal quinceanera where she gets all the attention, but to save costs, 15 girls will share their big day with each other and throw one big party with a limit of 30 guests each. This is in addition to their sponsoring godfather and godmother they are looking for. That’s a big party of 495 people. Are you ready to become a godparent?

The party will be held this coming February 16 which sounds like a long way off, but there is much to do, and anyway, all the girls have to turn 15.

Many items have already been donated, including the dresses and hair/make-up services. Other items needed include (for each girl), a bouquet, a crown, personal cake, jewelry, high heel shoes, and other personal items, plus table and room decorations. Each girl will select the color/theme for her table.  Also needed are a photographer, videographer, band, DJ or live music; food and drink, and a venue that will hold 500 people. There are not many venues in Rosarito that large, so it will be a short search.  Time to step up local hotels! And of course, monetary donations are always welcome.  If you have a talent or connection for anything on the above list, please contact the organizers by their November 11 deadline with your information, logo, and brief description of what you can contribute. Please help make this a special day for these girls to remember forever.

For additional information: Sara Vega: saraenmovimiento@hotmail.com. Phone: 661-850-4855; or Maggie Ruiz: phone: 1-619-371-1784.