Que Pasa in Cabo?

October 5, 2015

Jot this down, in ink. The 23rd Arts Festival at Los Barriles on the East Cape will pop off on Sunday, March 20, 2016. (See why you need to write it down? It’s like next year.) As usual, the festival will feature art works from around Southern Baja, arts and crafts exhibits and sale, food and booze, and live music. More information as the date gets nearer. And as the organizers figure it out.

Gosh, is it that time already? The Los Cabos Humane Society will hold its annual Dressed to the K9’s dress up event on Thursday, December 10 at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar resort in Cabo.

Tickets are going fast at $135. a pop, and VIP single tickets (special seating), for $275. Tenor Branden James, finalist of the America’s Got Talent reality TV show will be performing live. Which is so much better than dead.  Men, you simply can’t show up wearing shorts, you’re going to have to put your big boy pants on. It’s bad enough that you’re still going to look like a bum next to your dressed to kill date.

Can you stand more excitement? The 8th. Annual Ritmos, Colores y Sabores (Rhythms, Colors and Flavors in Ingles), of Los Cabos will take place this year in Cabo San Lucas, on the malecón (concrete boardwalk), just outside the dilapidated and falling down cultural pavilion. The date is this Saturday, October 10, starting at 6:00 pm.

The event will also mark the return of the Cultural Circuit, which takes place at the same place every Saturday, featuring food and booze tasting, art exhibits, arts and crafts, live music, dance and much more.

This year’s event proceeds will benefit the San Miguel Grannies’ Club, otherwise known as Club de Abuelos. It’s a senior center. Tickets are only $20 for adults and $10 for the grandkids and can be acquired at the Don Sanchez Restaurant in San Jose and a bunch of other places.

We’re broke! Worse than broke, we’re in debt.  Former Mayor Tony Agundez left the city coffers empty and owing about $60 million U.S.  Back in the early 2000’s, former Mayor Ulises Ceseña left the city government with a surplus of over $10 million.

But his successors, Luis Armando Diaz, Rene Nuñez, and now Tony Agundez ended each of their terms with public debts from $25 million to the current $60 million, even though they reigned during the best economic times of Los Cabos.

Millions were either misspent, like the purchase of bottled water at four times the Costco regular price. Then there is the two suspicious break ins and robberies at city hall. Let’s not forget last February when our idiot treasury official claimed someone phoned him up and demanded 50 grand. He sent it, saying he thought it was legit somebody or other. Oh let’s not forget the two times Agundez’s family members were caught depositing two checks from the water department for a total of nearly $70,000 into his personal account. And on and on and on.

Expenses have been questioned, and some are still under investigation, but with congress changing every four years, there is no real follow up and what’s missing will remain missing. The problem is there is no ongoing district attorney’s office or FBI to continue the investigation until somebody goes to jail. The local DA, (ministerio publico), is as crooked as the mayor.

New art gallery. That’s a yawner, but maybe not this time, as there is a bar attached to this one. It’s named La Musa, (the Muse), and is a large art gallery with restaurant and bar service. It will  pop open in San Jose del Cabo’s historic downtown “soon”. Opening date most possibly could be maybe in November. Or December. Stay tuned.

Calling all food snobs. There’s going to be a cook in weekend in November. The Rancho Pescadero resort will hold its annual Culinary Weekend featuring Chef Renee Erickson on November 12, 13 & 14. This year.  Erickson, according to The Washington Post, is the “chef-owner of four of Seattle’s most extraordinary restaurants, The Walrus and the Carpenter, The Whale WIns, Barnacle and Boat Street Café.” For information, contact Rancho Pescadero by phone 612-135-5849. Seating is limited. Well, everyone always says that. There’s always room for one more, have you noticed?

Let the season begin. This October 13 to 17, the Cabo’s legendary billfish season kicks off with the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament. Participating teams will hit the water Wednesday, October 14th in hopes of earning some of the estimated $750,000 in cash and prizes by releasing the most billfish or catching the largest marlin, tuna, wahoo and dorado during the tournament’s three days of fishing. For more information look up: www.loscabostournaments.com/

Art Auction. The second year of the Rural Interaction project will culminate with an art auction to raise funds for the continuance of the project. All works of art will be auctioned at The Shoppes at Palmilla strip center in San Jose and may be previewed online.

A rotating selection of the pieces will be displayed at various locations where bids may be placed, including: Flora Farms, from October 4 to 11, at the itinerant Rural Interaction’s gallery, currently located in front of La Lupita Restaurant in the San Jose Gallery District and a rotating selection at The Palmilla Strip Center throughout the months of October and November.

Rural interaction features a group of artists’ collective art based on their experiences of life in the rural areas of Southern Baja. We’re not talking the suburbs here, this is Out There. Hard to get there out there.  The proceeds of their work go to the preservation and promotion of the cultural of life in the rural community of San Dionisio, and to preserve the land through the promotion of responsible eco-cultural tourist activities. Why is it always people who wouldn’t be caught dead living out there, trying to raise money to keep others out there? Just wondering.

San Dionisio is north of San Jose on the road to the East Cape, up the mountains from the town of Santiago, and is home to several varieties of mangos, and other fruit trees, including chilies too. The community struggles to survive as many of its younger inhabitants move to the larger cities of San Jose and Cabo San Lucas.

The town sits in an area with several water streams where people can swim, camp out and enjoy natural Baja scenery.

More locations for the art exhibit will be announced on the organization’s website , Facebook and various print media. The entire collection may be previewed online. For more information or to place your bid contact: www.ruralinteraction.com 624-110-7389 orinfo@ruralinteraction.com

Todos Santos’ trees are gone. The construction guys who are remodeling the streets in Todos Santos, have yanked out all the beautiful old trees lining those streets.  What were they thinking? They were thinking they didn’t care, that’s what they were thinking. Well, the community now wants to reforest its beautiful downtown and are asking for tree donations so that beautiful flowering shade trees can be planted. The irrigation pipes have arrived, so these trees might have a chance.

The international Community Foundation will give dollar per dollar matching funds for any money raised in this Adopt a Tree program, so you can make your tax deductible donation online through them. You will need to put Adopt a Tree in the field that says, “in honor” when you go to check out at donate.icfdn.org/#npo/sea-of-cortez-fund or bring your check made out to: Vida y Prosperidad Todos Santos, A.C. at the Amerimex Real Estate office on Juarez street or Que Rico Market on Colegio Militar street. If we’ve dazed and confused you, contact Natasia at dragonflower200@yahoo.com, 612 177-2298.

Bird watchers alert! Hummingbird Partnership seeks people to help pilot new project Hummingbirds, but good luck with this, you will almost need a ph.d in bird stuff. The Hummingbird Partnership is looking for people to help pilot a new Citizen Science Hummingbird project. Go out and look for hummingbirds feeding on plants - not feeders. Feeders don’t count.  Write down the hummingbird species and the plant species and count the amount of flowers the plant has. Then go online and fill out the far from easy form. Copy and paste this address into your internet browser. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Yzv2gTZzy9Gy23EpYd-jRpHtIkru9HXrGsKd2r37uHo/edit#gid=0. Looks like you also need a ph.d in Latin if you’re ever going to get that url right. Maybe just ring up Stephanie Rousso, Stephanie@profaunabaja.org, 612-150- 6667 if you see a bird that might be a hummingbird. No, pigeons don’t count.

President Peña does Cabo. Maybe. Eleazar Gutierrez, head of the ministry of communications and transport (SCT) in Southern Baja said that President Peña might be in Los Cabos sometime this month to cut the ribbon on the new bypass road from Cabo to San Jose.

The 22.5 mile long toll road speeds drivers between Todos Santos and San Jose. Using it will set you back some $4.50 at the current rate of exchange, but it is way faster. This is not, however, a good alternative to scooting between San Jose and Cabo. Nor was it intended to be.

Gutierrez also said the road work currently underway along the fourlane between Cabo and San Jose should be finished in two weeks, according to the resorts’ developers, and by then, the SCT will begin planting new light poles to replace those destroyed by hurricane Odile one year ago.