Que Pasa in Cabo?

October 14, 2019

It’s Restaurant Week!

From October 19 to 26, 40 San Jose del Cabo restaurants will be offering special fixed menu dinners for only 800 pesos (about $42 bucks). The restaurant week will officially start with an event at San Jose’s downtown main plaza and will hold special events at restaurants Acre, Mi Cocina, Habanero’s, and will end with a beach party at Casa Calavera, in the Vidanta resort. Whether you are a foodie or simply looking for a good dinner, San José del Cabo has something for you! To see the list of participating restaurants look up www.restaurantweeksanjosedelcabo.com


Los Cabos Humane Society needs help.

As our loyal readers know, there is an abundance of street doggies and kitties in Los Cabos, and there are several organizations and individuals devoting time and money to rescue them and find them a good home.

The oldest one is the Los Cabos Humane Society (LCHS), located around the corner from the La Roca motel on the road to Todos Santos. During our last visit, they were housing over 70 dogs and 20 kitties, who are being fed thanks to gracious donations. They actually have a small bodega stacked to the top with kitty and doggie food. What they lack is cat litter, cleaning supplies and money to maintain the organization’s installations. If you find it in your heart to donate, contact them at LCHS Animal Center (Bilingual) office phone number 624-143-3947.


What is Delectable Darkness?

Glad you asked. It is “A Sensuous Dining in the Dark Experience” as promoted by this year’s Life Luxe Jazz event that will take place this November. It is also a fundraiser for Cabo Ve (Cabo Sees), the event’s community outreach for 2019. Dinner, which consists of a four-course tasting menu and wine pairing, is carefully prepared for powerful sensory impact and safe/clean consumption. The evening has been thoughtfully curated to tell a delicious love story through the creative intermingling of delectable darkness, fine cuisine, and the classic hits of a great jazz legend, created to tie theme and menu together.

You will be blindfolded throughout your meal, and after the initial shock of not 'eating with your eyes,' you will settle into a novel experience that will reacquaint you with the true pleasure of food. Guests are assisted, where necessary by wait staff. Don't worry, there are no food surprises in the form of odd or "interesting" ingredients. Just familiar (to most) food, curated and cooked in interesting pairings to tickle your taste buds and allow you to have fun guessing what's included as you savor a gourmet dinner. Food allergies will be considered and vegetarian meals provided. This novel and exhilarating event creates a unique and memorable tasting occasion for blindfolded guests, allowing them to experience the usually mundane task of dining with heightened sensory pleasures and increased empathy and compassion for those without sight. Funds will be raised and donated for preventive care and surgical procedures for those identified as being at risk for these diseases.

The event is supported by DIF (the city government’s charity program) and the local Lions Club to bring much-needed eye care to the economically depressed Los Cabos area. Cabo Ve is also supported by the St. Luke's Health Systems in Houston, Texas, who will provide physicians, supplies and training. Training will also be provided to teachers in Los Cabos to help them identify students with vision challenges. The two-day event will provide eye examinations and prescription glasses to more than 600 adults and children, as well as cataract and glaucoma screenings. For tickets and information look up  https://lifeluxejazz.com/


Tagged turtle in Cabo returns.

An Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) sea turtle named Patricia was released last November 8 in San Jose del Cabo, after being tagged and a tracker was placed on her caparace. Satellite images indicate that she traveled South from November to June reaching down past Oacaca state, when she turned around towards Cabo San Lucas.

Satellite trackers help biologists and scientists to understand the critters’ conduct, journey distances and possible routes. The use of telemetry also helps in programs to protect the sea turtles and their eggs. Sea turtles are an endangered species and are protected along the coasts of Mexico. In the past, they were caught and eaten, as well as their eggs, which were believed to be aphrodisiacs.

The tracker was donated by Destinations in Paradise, while the program is supported by the city government and two organizations, Grupo Tortuguero de Las Californias and the Organization for Sustainability and Conservation of the Environment.


Southwest to scrap Orange County-Cabo flights, trim other services at John Wayne Airport

Continuing a “slow-motion reduction” that’s been going on since 2016, Southwest Airlines plans to eliminate three routes serving John Wayne Airport and fly others less often.

Starting in March, Southwest will discontinue flights between Orange County and Cabo San Lucas, its only current international route from that airport, said Andrew Watterson, the airline’s chief revenue officer. Also, flights from John Wayne to Sacramento, San Jose and Oakland will operate less often.

The reductions continue a three-year trend for Southwest, Watterson said, noting that since 2016, it has gone from serving 18 destinations from Orange County to six.