Que Pasa in Cabo?

December 10, 2018

A pop up neighborhood. The Tourism Board, along with Fonatur, the federal agency that developed Los Cabos, have gone into cahoots. Cahoots in a good way. They have made available a plot of land for 9,000 homes for families who make their living in the tourist sector.

Now it will be possible for mortgage companies and the government housing agency to help these people get decent housing.

This will be a sustainable project that has common areas, parks, schools, and markets. The recent spurt in growth of hotels and Gringo housing has not been matched by growth in infrastructure for the locals, so now the government has stepped up.

Our Sea Is Not Ours! The Sea of Cortez has always been assumed by most of us to be ours. Mexican. But it isn't. Mexican waters only extend out 12 miles from shore, so most of the Sea is international waters and Mexican authorities are saying they have no jurisdiction over fishing in it.

So now sea huggers are petitioning the new president to declare it a World Heritage Site which will protect it from poachers. Maybe. Maybe not. Poachers don't care who owns the fish, they're going to take it if someone doesn't patrol. This means nothing is going to change. So why did we write this? And why are you reading it?

We Have Plenty Of Water! Toughen up everyone, our new mayor lady says we have plenty of water even though some barrios only get anything out of their taps about one day a week. This is why she cancelled the contract for a second desalinization plant. We don't need any more water, she says. Also, she announced that our city water agency is, surprise, bankrupt.

The only problem we have is incompetent leadership, people who don't pay their water bills, corruption, and oh yes, leaky pipes. Mayor Castro says it's mostly leaky pipes, causing us to lose the water before it gets to your house. She plans to re-pipe the entire town one section at a time. The good news is you won't even notice they've cut off your water service to fix the pipes in your neighborhood, because you’re used to not getting any water.

New food fest ahead. Way ahead. The Probemos Mexico “Let’s taste Mexico” national congress of gastronomy and culture will take place in Los Cabos in the first week of June. The program includes a food fest with recipes of the 32 states of Mexico, featuring 32 traditional female chefs who will prepare the most iconic meal of their state.

Mexico’s diverse food has been recognized by UNESCO as an “intangible cultural heritage (ICH)”, which is a practice, representation, expression, knowledge, or skill, as well as the instruments, objects, artifacts, and cultural spaces that are considered by UNESCO to be part of a place’s cultural heritage.

The lady chefs will present over 192 traditional dishes and beverages at the Delmar international school located here in El Tezal. The fest includes Mexican folk music and 200 exhibitors selling Mexican traditional products, workshops, conferences and shows and is aiming to obtain the Guinness record for the largest Mexican food tasting.

Tax rejected. In an unprecedented move, the state congress turned down Los Cabos Mayor’s proposition to increase by 3% our property taxes. Although Mayor Armida Castro labeled the increase as an “adjustment” due to inflation, lawmaker Jose Perpuli stated that it would affect the pockets of the most vulnerable residents of Los Cabos, which is already one of the most expensive municipalities of the country. Also one of the most lucrative to work in, but that didn’t come  up. Property taxes are ludicrously low.

La Paz Can't Catch A Break. Two weeks ago the La Paz City Hall suffered a black out when, allegedly with no warning, the electric utility, (CFE), cut the power off. Mayor Munoz rolled in a generator borrowed from the water utility, and ran city hall with that until he could Tstraighten things outs. He flew to Mexico City to make a payment plan.

Now the company that leased the printers and copiers have descended on City Hall and rolled away more than a dozen machines, again, leaving City Hall pretty much out of business.

Meanwhile the Mayor has asked citizens to pay for their own street lighting in their neighborhoods and to pay for parking downtown, but the citizens have nixed those plans, saying they will refuse to pay.

If the citizens sound pissy, remember that they believe the city got in this mess by city officials stealing their tax money that should have paid for these services.

 Parking fees and taxes. The president of the state congress of commercial and tourist matters, Chucky Van Wormer, presented a proposition to charge for street parking in downtown La Paz, our state’s capitol, using parking meters and also to charge Uber drivers 42 pesos (a tad over $2 bucks) per day to become legal. This tax may be paid monthly, or every quarter, semester or year ahead.

Parking meters would cost 8.50 pesos (about 50 cents US) an hour between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, excepting Sundays and official holidays if the proposition is approved. Residents could also buy parking tickets by the month or the year, for about $125 per month or $1,250 for the year.

Instagram surprise. We bet you didn’t know this. The first photos posted on Instagram by its co-creator Kevin Systrom were those of a street dog and a taco stand in Todos Santos.

It was back in 2010, and was uploaded by Systrom himself, who was visiting the quaint little town of Todos Santos.

The image is still in Systrom’s personal Instagram page and is labeled “test.” The photo includes the foot of Systrom’s girlfriend at the time. He also posted the photo of the “Chilakos” taco stand.

Bloomingdale’s does Cabo. Well, at heiress Hayley Bloomingdale was here. Hayley, who is heiress to the department store and Moda Operandi’s communications director, married lighting designer Alexander “Dada” Stileman in California, and, while the couple’s honeymoon reportedly isn’t until Christmas, the newlyweds treated themselves to a post-wedding trip to the Las Ventanas al Paraíso resort in Cabo San Lucas.

Chrissy Teigen in Cabo. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue alumna was seen on her big day modeling a high-waisted split skirt as she strolled through a garden with her infant in her arms. Her hubby, John Legend, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and actor  and is one of 15 people (and the first black man) to have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards. Legend  is also here, along with their children Luna, two, and Miles, six months.

Legend and Chrissy, who turned 33, were seen at the airport, getting their rented Cadillac SUV.

Today show host marries in Cabo. Karl Stefanovic will tie the know with fiancé Jasmine Yarbrough, a famous 34-year-old model, who is also a shoe designer. The lovebirds will tie the knot in a picturesque chapel at the One&Only Palmilla Resort, where they will also be staying. The wedding will be a three-day affair, with the newlyweds sparing no expense.

They have booked two villas, one which costs approximately $11,600 per night, and another priced at around $15,000 per night. Apparently the shoe biz pays well.