Que Pasa in Cabo?

November 26, 2018 Edition

Party time! The snowbirds are back, and so are the usual Gringo parties. Pay attention, write down the following events in ink, and, most important, get your tickets! These are some of the most popular events at this time of the year and some do sell out.

The most important food and music event in Cabo will take place this Saturday December 1 at Quivira, the residential development next to the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach resort on the Pacific side. Sabor a Cabo is a fundraising event that attracts some of Cabo's finest chefs, who prepare their signature dishes for the attendees while we are all enjoying live music. Money raised is donated to the firehouse, Los Cabos Children Foundation, and the Red Cross. For information: saboracabo.com, Ph. (624) 143-3944, email: info@caniracloscabos.mx

December 1st, Saturday. The 13th Annual “Dressed to the K9’s Glitz & Glam” will take place at the Sheraton Grande from 5:30 to 11:00 pm, to benefit The Los Cabos Humane Society. To buy your tickets look up: www.loscaboshumanesociety.com. The tough part is, you will need to get the husband into long pants for this.

December 9, Sunday. 10:00 am. The Todos Santos 23rd Annual Tianguis, to benefit the Amigos de los Animales (do we have to translate that for you, Bunky?). Go ahead, rent a car and support spaying and neutering dogs and cats. They’re always looking for volunteers to put a smile back on their faces, but not at this party.  The organization will be accepting donations of household goods, gently used clothing and shoes, working appliances, tools and sporting goods. Please, no books, as  there are plenty at the Palapa de Todos Santos. Drop off items at Kitty Heaven or contact Angelique Schornstein, bajakitties@yahoo.com, bajarescue.org, 612 145-0250, Todos Santos.

December 11, Tuesday. The Padrino Children's Foundation’s Fiesta fundraiser will take place in Todos Santos too. There will be a celebrity guest chef, panoramic view, and entertainment with limited seating, and it’s all to support the healthcare of children. For early reservations (recommended), info@padrinocf.org, padrinocf.org/en/, 6121780040, Todos Santos. Gracias.

Frogs in the water! The 35-feet long Sans Limits 3 dive boat, with 21 Frenchies on board sank in La Paz, just in front of the San Rafaelito island. Fortunately, Captain Daniel Cota got an S.O.S. quickly radioed off and the Navy rushed to the rescue. They discovered there were almost twice the number of people on board that the boat was rated for.

Along with the Frogs were 6 local crew members. The boat sank in 12 feet of water, real close to the beach, but still, they hadn’t pulled their flippers on yet, and they weren’t ready for the water. All tourists and crew members survived but over 100 oxygen tanks sunk. Hey, these people are divers, of course they returned and retrieved them.

New development announced. Nearly 1900 acres of land will be developed at the Punta Gorda area, just four miles north of San Jose. The project is so big that it will take 10 years to complete, as it includes hotels, condominiums, commercial areas and of course a golf course.

It was Semarnat, Mexico’s environmental agency, who made the announcement after their blessing. The company named was El Estero, who will build a sewage treatment plant and a desal plant. They promise. Scouts honor. No, wait, that’s developer’s honor. Good luck with that.

Los Barriles. It’s the time of the year when the winds are blowing like hell, which makes the kiters happy. They and the Gringos going to and fro on the beach in their four wheelers are not getting along. Seems that the ATV people are driving over the lines they carefully lay out on the beach in preparation for launch. Hey, why can’t we all get along? And anyhow, those things aren’t allowed on the beach in the first place. The vehicles, not the kiters’ ropes.

Tagged sea turtle released. An Olive Ridley sea turtle named Patricia was released last week in San Jose, after nailing a satellite transmitter on her back. The transmitter was donated by Howard Appel and David Cohen of Destinations in Paradise.

Sea turtles are an endangered species and protected in Mexican waters. For each 100 eggs a mama turtle deposits in the sand, only one baby turtle survives predators to get to adulthood. Maybe if she wasn’t such a hit it and get it mom, her babies would have a better chance. On the other hand, if mama looks down and sees that she’s produced no less than 100 babies, who can blame her for swimming off?

Dogs or no dogs? Following a series of incidents where La Paz residents were bitten by dogs on the Malecon, the city approved a law that bans dogs from walking the Malecon with their owners, whether they have a leash on or not. That is, because in one incident, a dog on a leash bit a passerby. It gets worse: the dog owner just walked away quickly to avoid his responsibilities.

Starting last week, a fine of 1,600 pesos (some $80 bucks at the current rate of exchange) will be slapped on anyone walking their dog on the Malecon. How the authorities plan to make sure the dog owner will pay is unknown.

But it gets worse: even though the new rule and fine was highly publicized, we still see scary looking dogs strutting the Malecon. 

And worse: dog owners are organizing a protest, along the Malecon of course, to oppose the new regulation and consequent fine. And some people think Mexicans don’t protest? We see here they know how to when it’s something so important to the Republic. Robbing the public with corruption? “No, sorry, my sense of outrage has gone to the dogs”.

To ease the controversy, the city government announced there will be five parks around the city where dog owners will be able to walk their pets, providing they are on a leash and their poop will be scooped up. That’s another major problem: Most Mexicans won’t pick up poop. 

The dog friendly parks will be Revolucion park in downtown and another in the Pueblo Nuevo barrio, the Francisco King, Villas del Encanto and Camino Real parks. All dogs must carry proof of vaccination to get into the parks.

Boat for Rent, $1.2 . Steven Spielberg brought his $183-million dollar yacht into La Paz this week and he would like our readers to know he's renting it for $1.2 million a week. And if you're thinking of bringing 100 friends with you to bring that cost down to $13,000, know that it only sleeps 12. Someone is going to have to couch surf.

But if renting is not your thing, he's selling it in order to buy a yacht without such cramped quarters. He's turning in the 282-footer in for a bigger boat costing $250 million.

New theater season. In Todos Santos. A new season is coming up at Teatro Luna Azul and it should be very exciting.  First up is a new series of improvisation classes that will start on Friday November 23rd.  These classes are designed for anyone who is open to being an actor or learning how to be an actor.  You can be a total newbie or a seasoned actor, and still you can get so much out of an Improv class.  Including lots of laughter. Taught by New York trained actor William Landon, classes will be held every Friday from 3pm to 4:30pm at Teatro Luna Azul in Todos Santos.  Once a week starting November 23rd to December 14/2018, four sessions for 400 pesos, or 150 pesos per session.

Then come the auditions. While planning a play for next season Luna Azul will be hosting an audition for anyone who would like to try out for a part.   The play is a comedy, with some music throughout.  At least one character plays guitar and sings.  A few of the other characters will sing along with the cast backing them up.

There are 8 characters in the play - 4 men (between the ages 30 - 70). Three women (between the ages 30-65). One small part for a person who can be male or female.  (What? A transgender?) Some characters will need to fake a wee bit of an  Irish accent, but most can cruise on American English.

Auditions will be held on Saturday December 1st at 2pm at Teatro Luna Azul.  If this sounds like something you could handle, contact us at: bluemooninbaja@yahoo.com. Check out their webpage: http://teatrolunaazul.com/

Victoria Secret’s does Cabo. After two decades as a Victoria's Secret Angel, supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio has mastered the art of rocking a bikini. The Brazilian bombshell was spotted on the beach while on vacation in Cabo with her two children and pal Rachel Zoe.

The five-foot nine, 37-year-old beauty filled out  a teeny grey bikini very nicely as she spent the day in the sun and sand. Making sure to protect her flawless face from the sizzling Mexican sun, the model wore a pair of wire rimmed sunglasses and a baseball hat.

Power payments to increase.  Ruben Muñoz, the recently elected Mayor of La Paz, has submitted his budget for next year. The bad news is that he’s passing the sombrero to help pay for public electricity. Yes, those streets lamps that we have everywhere. We need to turn them on. The specifics of how we’re going to pitch in is not defined yet, but he doesn’t see the city government paying for the whole enchilada. Just a few weeks ago City Hall got their electricity cut off for owing huge back bills. Instead of paying up, Mayor Munoz brought in a large generator and parked it outside in the parking lot. A big orange extension cord snaking into the building completed the fiasco.

More on taxes. The La Paz mayor has submitted a proposal to the state congress to apply a special tax to Uber drivers, and to those who are driving Onappafa and Anapromex vehicles. The latter are vehicles that were purchased in the U.S. and not legally imported. The existence of these vehicles, dubbed “chocolate cars” by Mexicans was approved many years ago by former President Carlos Salinas who allowed Mexicans who had migrated to the U.S. to bring back American work type vehicles that would be left to be used by their poor families in ranches and rural areas.

However, the specs for what kind of vehicles could be brought in was never clear, and you can now see BMWs, Hummers and even the occasional Ferraris driving around with no proper license plates who also did not pay importation taxes and are not paying state registration fees. But they do have that onappafa or Anapromex “plate” on the car, so they have some protection. Don’t bring in a Hummer with U.S. plates and let your Mexican wife take it past the end of your driveway. Because you will surely lose it. The car, not the wife.