Que Pasa in Cabo?

April 30, 2018 Edition

Tourists Told To Suck It Up. Well, we paraphrase. But that’s essentially what Sun Country Airlines told their return ticket holders trying to leave Cabo.

The flight to Minneapolis/ST Paul was cancelled due to bad weather there. That one day’s delay caused what would have been the next flight to be cancelled until next high season. Turns out the plane was needed for the start of Sun Country’s summer routes.

What, they didn’t have an extra plane to send for their own passengers? Seems like not, because they were given that portion of their money back and told to find another way home. People had to buy a last minute “pop up” flight and in most cases, it cost more than the original two-way ticket.

When contacted, their spokes chick said she knew it was a naughty thing to do, but it would have been even more disrupting if they cancelled the first summer flight for other people. So, screw you, you can stay in Mexico for all we care. We paraphrase again.

How can they be down to their last plane? And couldn’t they charter a plane to take our tourists home? Of course they could. But they didn’t. Remember that name: Sun Country Airlines, who’s motto should be, “We get you there but good luck making it back”.

Toll Road Alert! The federal government has started charging again for using their nice road to the airport. It is the custom to give a free pass following a natural disaster, so we've been whizzing along for free ever since Lidia struck us last September. The toll booths have been closed so long now that we started thinking the feds forgot us, but alas, that is not the case. Or if they did forget us, we suddenly popped up on their radar. Very suddenly, as in one day it's free, and the next day bam! There they are with their hand outstretched, just like all governments everywhere.

Kudos to us! This year’s the New York Times’ 52 best places to visit includes Los Cabos in the number 11 position. Moreover, we are the only Mexican resort destination that made it on the list, and way above another six destinations located in Latin America.  Take that Cancun and Puerto Vallarta!

Chefs deliver big donation. A check for nearly 14 Grand was delivered to the Rotary Club by the organizers of the Chefs for Los Cabos foodie event that was held two weeks ago on Medano beach.

This year, 19 chefs cheffed and served 400 diners who paid $48 bucks each to try an array of food and wine. The money raised will help kids from low income families who suffer from a disease called strabismus, a cross eyed condition.

Tat up, everybody! Don’t worry about that pesky upcoming job interview. The first Tattoo festival will take place on October 20 & 21 this year. It was announced as an art exhibition as well as conferences on tattoo culture, health and education, along with a food exhibit and DJ music.

A few famous names have confirmed their attendance, such as Billie Harris, Rick Clark and from Mazatlan, Pache Gonzalez. If you are interested in tattoos and piercings, Google or search them on Facebook and don’t miss this fest. Facebook: loscabostattoofest.

Good news on Cabo’s safety. Last week the National institute of statistics released the most recent numbers on crime in Los Cabos and La Paz, placing both in 3rd place of the safest cities in Mexico. As some of our loyal readers recall, there were numerous drug related crimes in the area in the past two years, which placed us as one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico, followed only by Cancun in the Mayan Riviera.

The hotel industry woke up and became alarmed, and pressured the government to deploy Army, Navy and federal police and the Gendarmerie, along with vehicles and helicopters. Bam! It stopped in like one month. Many criminals were jailed or killed each other, some believe the Navy, which is now in charge, mopped up the problem in, well, maybe too aggressive a way. So what? We say. Are we going to cry for these druggies? No! Well, they are, (were), some mother’s sons. Anyway, we have our streets back.

Also, more than 100 city and state cops were fired. That usually means those cops were in cahoots with the druggies.  The decline in drug related homicides, said the report, dropped by 94% in Cabo and 70% in La Paz.

It took a lot of money to stop the killing, as the local businesses promised to pony up some $.16 million a year, plus $8 million that is invested in building a large Navy barracks and headquarters on the side of the toll road between Cabo and San Jose. Those three multi story white buildings under construction are to house our additional Navy personnel, as they are currently sleeping in cots and mattresses on the floor at the Navy base on the Cabo marina. Looks like they’re here to stay, we might as well make them comfy.

Do we really need more hotels? According to Mexico’s minister of tourism Enrique De la Madrid, Marriot, Hilton & Hyatt have all told him of plans to build at least 80 more hotels all over Mexico, in luxury, business and small boutique hotel categories, and Los Cabos is in their scope.

“Large hotel companies see Mexico as a great market, and are optimistically investing here,” added de la Madrid, saying that he had met with said companies at the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in Argentina a week ago. New airlines, like Emirates, are also interested in flying to Mexico.

Annual music fest announced. As has occurred for the past nine years, June will be the occasion to hold the annual Los Cabos Music Fest in conjunction with the World Music Day celebration. It is devoted to music in all its forms and the impact it's had on the world and the human spirit.

The event is also known as Fête de la Musique and originated in France in 1982. Since then the idea has spread across the globe with each venue holding to the same simple set of principles: that the day is held on the summer solstice and that all concerts and events are free. It is currently being celebrated in more than 450 cities of 120 countries.

The Los Cabos’ 10th edition will take place on Saturday June 23rd, in the historic downtown of San José from 6:00 pm until 2:00 am. Past events have seen dozens of stages on various street corners, totaling up to 100 bands and soloists, and up to 25,000 attendees.

Local businesses and individuals are also invited to participate as sponsors, stage donators, and volunteers. For information on how to participate, look up: www.fiestadelamusicaloscabos.net. This even is always short of money, so if you’re a business, please think about ponying up.

Federal road work. The federal ministry of communications and transport (SCT) has announced a major investment to maintain the fourlane between Cabo and San Jose in better condition. Well, they could start with screwing in more light bulbs, as a lot of them have twinkled out. It’s pretty dark out there

Money will also be spent on repairs at the Santa Rosa arroyo in San Jose and on the road to Todos Santos at kilometer 75 where a major landslide bombed out the newish fourlane highway last September during tropical storm Lidia. That’s where the detour onto the old road is. SCT officials are saying that hill is still unstable and is going to take some major shoring up. Workers and heavy equipment will soon create a man-made landslide and then build a protection wall. Oofa. Those stone retaining walls take a long time to erect stone by stone. Good thing we have a fairly painless detour, because it will be around for a while.

New gas station to open. In La Paz, on the road to Pichilingue, the Spain-based Repsol will open the first of seven planned gas stations in our Southern Baja state.

The gas stations have already opened in Mexico City and three other states and the company plans to end the year with 200 new stations and open at least 200 new stations every year for the next five years. And just like Chevron, Repsol will add Neotech to their fuel, which increases the life of the engines, they claim. No, prices are still regulated, don’t look for a break from Pemex prices.