Que Pasa in Cabo?

December 25, 2017 Edition

New Pemex coming And hopefully it will cut down on the number of car wrecks on the fourlane. The intersection at the Pemex gas station in Cerro Colorado, out on the tourist corridor, has been the site of numerous wrecks, as vehicles pull out of the gas station into traffic. Or they turn left into the station across traffic. It’s a nightmare jam up.

But that situation will improve soon. Pemex is building another gas station just across the road from the current one, on the ocean side. Phew!  One can imagine that wasn’t Pemex’s idea, as they now have two facilities and are pumping the same amount of fuel.

Installing a stoplight there would also make things easier, but that won’t be happening. The fourlane is a federal highway and, for whatever reason, they are not supposed to have stoplights.

That’s the same logic that’s keeping the feds from putting a stoplight in Pescadero, which is north of Cabo on the road to Todos Santos. Numerous car wrecks happen there every year. Locals are beating their heads into a wall just trying to get speed signs alongside the highway. They want topes, but unless they go out there in the middle of the night with a bucket of asphalt, that’s not going to happen, either.

More construction planned But it’s the good kind of construction. According to FOIS, a trust fund for social infrastructure development, a four-phase project to build a new park in Cabo will begin in January.

The loooong park will run along Constituyentes Avenue, commonly called the Bordo, which is the street that runs from the fourlane and curves around to the road to Todos Santos.

The park will have children’s playgrounds, pet areas, bathrooms (very important), 60 benches, more than 100 trees, ramps for the handicapped and maybe, just maybe, an area for skateboarders. All of these areas will be lit by 105 light low-consumption, eco-friendly light poles. Yee gods, can you imagine those restrooms about one week after they’re opened?

The first phase of construction will go from the currently unfinished toll road overpass to the intersection across from the Red Cross building. It should be finished sometime in May.

Traffic alert! Speaking of the toll road overpass, which is at the head of Leona Vicario street, it should be open by the time you are reading this fish wrap, according to Alvaro Ramirez, director of urban planning for the city. Operative word being should.

Another traffic alert Work to repave the asphalt on the fourlane, which has caused so many headaches and traffic jams just outside of Cabo, between Cabo and the Punta Ballena area, has been resumed. The feds say work will continue until the entire fourlane, all the way from Cabo to San Jose, has been repaved. Watch out, slow down and take extra time if you are driving the fourlane.

Taxes going down Kind of. Every year, the Los Cabos city government gets generous with property owners, in the form of property tax discounts.

To get these discounts, you have to pay your taxes early in the year. You’ll get a 20% discount if you pay in January, 15% in February and 10% in March. But property owners can only take advantage of this discount if they are current with their 2017 – and earlier – property taxes.  No skipping years allowed.

The whales are here! Pronanp, the national commission of protected natural areas, reminded us that whale watching season began officially on December 15th and will last until mid-May.

As our well-informed readers might know, whales travel from Alaska to Baja California Sur (more than 7,000 miles) every winter, making babies along the way. These babies are born down here, from Magdalena Bay to the Ojo de Liebre lagoon (which we say makes them Mexicans, even though they spend most of the year up in Alaska).

The whales are attracted to our shallow lagoons and warm waters. Their arrival is followed by thousands of tourists who venture out to see them, pet them and take selfies with them.

Last year, 1,140 adult whales made the trek, with 711 baby whales born down here. We’ll to the math for you: That means 429 whales are slacking off. The whale experts are telling us to expect more than 1,500 adult whales this winter, which means more baby whales too. And, more slackers of course.

Hotel owner dies Pablo Sanchez Navarro passed away last week, reportedly of a heart attack. He was 33. Pablo built the El Ganzo Hotel in San Jose, the boutique hotel that’s known for having an underground recording studio and bringing in artists in residence.

Pablo was also the son of Eduardo Sanchez Navarro, who is the biggest developer in Los Cabos. His Questro Group includes the ME by Melia, Casa Dorada, Casa del Mar, Cabo Real, Puerto Los Cabos Marina and several other developments in the San Jose area.

Waldorf Astoria does Cabo Not yet, but soon. Currently owned by the Hilton hotel chain, Waldorf Astoria is planning to build a resort in Los Cabos, along with four more throughout Mexico.

The bad news is, the new resort will be another all-inclusive, which is killing businesses in downtown Cabo and San Jose. Sigh.

Biggest complaints in Cabo? According to Oscar Manriquez, head of CAT/TAC, the tourist assistance center that sits on the Cabo marina right next to this rag’s worldwide corporate headquarters, they get the most complaints about private hospitals, ambulances owned by those hospitals, and timeshare sales.

No olvidar! That’s Mexi speak for “Don’t forget!” and this time we’re talking about the 2017 Todos Santos 5K, presented by the Palapa Society. That’s less than three miles, so get your butt off that couch and run! Or walk, that’s OK too.

The annual 5K is scheduled for Saturday, December 30 and will go through the streets of Todos Santos and the otro lado (the other side), beginning and ending in the town plaza. All proceeds benefit the Palapa Society of Todos Santos, a charity started and run by good hearted expats who raise money to provide better education for local children.

Early sign up for the race begins on Wednesday, December 27th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at La Esquina (during their farmer’s market) and Friday, December 29th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in front of Cafelix. The entry fee is about $10 USD for adults and $8 for students.

For more information on the race, visit the Palapa Society website at www.palapasociety.org or email them at events@palapasociety.org.

It’s Mardi Gras time! Well, not now, but we got your attention, didn’t we? La Paz, our state’s capital city, has set the dates for next year’s carnival fiestas, which will run from February 8 to 13. These parties will cost us taxpayers a tad under 900 grand. 

Actually, the cost will only be some $116,000, as the rest will be paid by the state (well, taxpayers too), and sponsors like beer companies, Coca Cola, etc.

There will be food and beer booths, as well as live music every night. The well known (to us Mexicans, anyway) group Jenny and the Mexicats will perform on Monday, February 12. Will I see you there?

It is still undecided if it will take place along the malecon, as is the tradition, or in a different area since the malecon is currently ripped to shreds and who knows when that remodel job will be finished. Part of the new sidewalks had to be rat-a-tatted up and re cemented again due to shoddy workmanship.

Auberge in the news The swanky resort is being sued in California, the resort’s headquarters, for allowing a guest to be assaulted in her room while she slept. She is alleging that the room service waiter used his pass key to get in, and when she complained to the front desk, management refused to call the police and the man was not fired.

Last week in court, Auberge’s defense was that the “plaintiff voluntarily and knowingly assumed all risks relating to said conduct at the time and place mentioned in said complaint.” Translation: She took the risk of being raped when she checked into the Auberge.

Stay tuned to find out how that played with the jury. The trial is ongoing.