Que Pasa in Cabo?

January 25, 2015 Edition

It’s Jazz time again! We’re talking the 4th San Jose Jazz Fest held at Plaza del Pescador, that strip center in the hotel zone across from the Cabo Azul hotel. They closes off  two lanes of the four lane avenue, deploying tables, chairs and tents to cater to the revelers.

The seven restaurants in the shopping strip set up food booths and cocktails and wine flow freely.. The music starts at 5:30 pm and goes on until near midnight.

The program this year goes like this: Friday February 12, ribbon cutting ceremony with local government officials, followed by a 50 minute musical performance by Randy Lynch and his band, The Twins, Tito Rodriguez, Fancisco Lelo de Larrea and closing with the Faralae group.

On Saturday 13, the music begins at 5:00 pm, with The Twins kicking off the party, followed by Monique Mendonca, The Grove Machine, Tito Rodriguez, Francisco Lelo de Larrea and the Faralae band closing out the night.

For tickets and more information, call 624 154 8510, or Astrid Castañeda,  624 154 8510 email: eastridcruiz@gmail.com or look up: www.sanjosejazzweekend.com/

How’s the city doing? In the first 100 days of the new municipal administration, the most common gripes they’ve received are ground transportation services, (bandit taxistas, crappy bus service,) funeral services, air tickets, fuel, cost of building materials, medicine and food.

Get out your 2-2 for ballet auditions.  For kids. The New York based Joffrey Ballet is promoting auditions to local dancers interested in obtaining a scholarship. The auditions will take place in San Jose at the Danza Tellez school on Sunday, February 28, for 250 pesos ( or $15.00 bucks) per person and type of dance. Types of dance include classic ballet, jazz and contemporary, musical theater, character, tap, hip-hop and Bollywood. Ages are restricted to 12-15 years for both boys and girls. The scholarships are for the Joffrey Ballet summer intensive program.  You can learn more about the programs at joffreyballetschool.com/summer-programs

Make sure you read the fine print on the scholarships (if you win one) as there are other costs involved in the summer program that are not included in the scholarship. To register, go online to: joffreyballetschool.com/international-auditions. Danza Tellez is located in Plaza Caracol in San Jose, across from the Mega, towards the ocean. Upstairs.

So you think Cabo is expensive? You’re right.  It’s the most expensive city in Mexico, followed by Cancún, Monterrey, Mexico City and Cuernavaca.

The stats are the result of the National Cost of Life study by Canada-based Mercer Consulting, who studied variables like housing, food, public transportation, education, entertainment, clothing, personal care, household goods and health care during 2014 and 2015.

As in preceding years, housing is the category where Cabo residents out spend others to the tune of between 35 and 57.8 percent. The average, 44.29%, includes rent/mortgage, utilities, telephone and maids. The rest goes to education (20.33%), food (12.62%) and entertainment (9.3%), among others.

The study takes as the base Mexico City, with a hundred points. Cabo reached 107, followed by Cancun (106) and Monterrey (103).

 Maybe you’re Canadian and need to practice thrift. The least expensive cities in Mexico are Tlaxcala, Zacatecas, Tepic, Guanajuato and Tuxtla Gutiérrez in Chiapas. Yeah, like, whoever heard of those, let alone want to live there. Sorry, Canadians, we shouldn’t laugh, we really do feel your pain. You don’t deserve these hard times due to the strong dollar. Hey, we Mexicans are suffering too. Maybe the Kanucks and us should band together against the damn Gringos. I have actually seen some of them gloating.

Theater to get funding for repairs. Alan Castro, the Los Cabos director of culture, announced with great fanfare that Mayor Arturo de la Rosa was able to obtain nearly $600,000 in federal funding to repair the dilapidated City Theater in San Jose. The old theater is named after some guy named Miguel Lomelin Ceseña. Anyhow, this guy’s theater is on Zaragoza St., the down street that was badly messed up by hurricane Odile. The theater got hit hard and then the damage was neglected by the former director of culture to the point that the place was looted as no one cared to seal off the entrance, which lost its doors to the hurricane. It will take a lot more money now to fix it up, then it would have a year ago. Sigh.

Noise alert. An estimated 1,200 bikers from the U.S. and Mexico are expected to gather in Los Cabos from March 3 to 5 after partying in La Paz on their way down the Baja. The Baja Riders event takes visiting bikers to various attractions around Los Cabos, ending every night with a party somewhere in town, while the closing party takes place on Medano beach. Vrooom!

Wine and love go well together. Unless we get too much. The Todos Santos bodega – the local wine shop – will hold the VinAmo Love and Wine Festival from February 12 to 14 in well, Todos Santos, about 45 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the festival start-up will feature the Shimul’s Flying Guitars “Corazones en la Huerta” or Hearts at the Orchard concert on Friday, February 12 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. The show includes a red wine glass you can take home that you don’t have to steal, two glasses of Shimul wine, country style food at three different food stations, (all you can eat or stuff in your pockets), premium wines on sale by the bottle, and plenty of seating and space for 850 pesos, or about $50 bucks.

On Saturday, February 13 from 6:00 to 10:00 pm, the Shimul Flying Guitars will play at Restaurant Sorstis in La Paz along with a five course pairing of Mexican fusion new cuisine with five premium wines from the Shimul winery from Valle de Guadalupe in northern Baja. Shimul has been the winner three times in a row at the Todos Santos GastroVino Festival. The concert/pairing dinner is limited to 40 seats, with a cost of 1,250 pesos, or about $72 Gringo bucks. For tickets and more information email: labodegadetodossantos@gmail.com or look up www.vinamofest.com.

Happy Hour in Todos Santos! The hard to find but worth the try Chez Laura French restaurant is now offering a different kind of  happy hour. A glass of wine and  tapas for $3.50 at the current rate of exchange. Once you try the tapas, trust me, you will want to try the entire menu. For information on how to get there, call Laura at (612)145-0847 or cell. 612-139-2148. If you figure out how to find it yourself, they should give you a free glass.

Carnaval La Paz coming! Don’t forget that the La Paz Carnival, (Mardi-Gras), will take place from February 4 to 9 along the malecón (concrete boardwalk). This is a do not miss event, as the city closes off several blocks to host the party. There are floats, live shows featuring famous Mexican singers and comedians during the evening, food stalls and beer sales all over the place. Yes, it does get a little wild but, hey, it’s only toooo, toooooo wild for grannies. They also have carny rides and games of chance, and trinket booths from the mainland. They sell different stuff than the same old boring crap our walking around peddlers peddle.

Solar school power. At least that’s what the state government is aiming for.. The federal education ministry (SEP) and the power Company (CFE) are working on a project to install solar panels in the state’s schools, and are looking for funding from the Electricity Savings Trust (FIDE), based in Mexicali, which is in Northern Baja. There should be large savings in the long run, for sure, but the buy in is expensive. Hey, why don’t we all toss some solar panels on our roof?

Dead whales found. Bummer. Seven grey whales were found dead at Ojo de Liebre lagoon, washed up on shore on the Northwest most point of our Southern Baja state, near Guerrero Negro and the border with Northern Baja. The lagoon is a traditional stop off point for whales migrating during the winter from the icy cold waters of Alaska, to pop out their baby whales here.

Profepa (Mexico’s environmental watchdog), officials said that the six adult and one juvenile whales seemed to have died of natural causes. Possibly tired of swimming? Geeze, no hate mail please, from all you whale huggers, it was just a joke.  The dead whales represent, at press time, 1.19% of the whale population at the lagoon and well, whales die, nobody lives forever.. Yeah, we had to get one more shot in, we just couldn’t let it go.

What To Do With That Pesky Christmas Tree No, you can’t just toss it out in the street in front of your house. Yes, we know it’s Mexico, but still, don’t lose your civility and don’t trash your neighborhood. And we’re pretty tired oh hearing, “what the hell, it’s Mexico”. Take it to a collection center. Throughout the month of January there will be collection locations. So, cram the thing into your car and haul it to the delegation building in Cabo San Lucas, which is on the road to Todos Santos, next to the Red Cross HQ. Hours are 8 am to 3 pm, but, what the heck it’s Mexico, if you get there after hours just toss it on their porch. In San Jose they’re collecting at the City Hall. That ought to make for a nice presentation for the municipal square. Well, what the hell, it’s Mexico. See! Don’t say that!