Que Pasa in Cabo?

David FloresMEGA grocery stores changes hands. The Soriana grocery store chain acquired the Mega and Comercial Mexicana, (Comex), chain for $2.9 billion, becoming the 4th largest grocery store chain in the country.

The transaction includes 160 stores operating under the names of Mega, Comercial Mexicana, Bodegas Comercial Mexicana, and Alprecio, but does not include the brands City Market, Fresko and Sumesa. A Fresko store, which is a premium brands deli featuring imported goods, is currently being built in the big mall in Cabo San Lucas. At the end of last year, Soriana owned 674 stores in Mexico with a stronger presence in the northern part of the country. By buying Mega and Comercial Mexicana, it becomes a strong competitor in central Mexico.

The leading store chain last year was still WalMart with 64.5% of the market, while Soriana was 2nd with 17.5% and Comercial Mexicana with 8.5%. In Cabo San Lucas, Soriana and Mega are almost across the street from each other. It will be interesting to see if anything changes at the stores, or if they’re going to pretend they don’t know each other.

Buen idea! Our mayor is telling us that he can’t fire the dozens of police officers who failed the drug and or lie detector tests, nor can the city fire the police caught looting after hurricane Odile because the city doesn’t have the money to cut them their severance check.

Last week the feds gave us just over a million dollars to spend this year on crime prevention programs. Why don’t we use this federal windfall to get rid of these theiving, drug addled cops? There is no surer way to improve public safety than to fire most of our police.

Senate does Cabo. 38 Mexican senators from the right leaning PAN party met in Cabo for a big pow wow in preparation for the upcoming mid-term elections to be held June 7. They were accompanied by all the party’s primary candidates for congress, governor and mayoral seats.

They spent the three day meeting at the Pueblo Bonita Pacifica resort on the Pacific side, and were thrashed in social media for spending $500 a day when the country is suffering a severe cut in spending due to oil prices going all to hell.

Jorge Preciado, the senators’ coordinator, said that they were here, “to work, not to enjoy the beach.” He probably forgot that a year ago, a group of PAN lawmakers that met in Puerto Vallarta to define their year’s agenda ended up celebrating with a lavish party at a $3,000 a day villa that included visits by strippers. A video of that fiasco was  leaked to the media.

Washington DC to Cabo. United airlines has confirmed the launch of a direct flight from DC to Los Cabos as of March 7, according to a statement by Ruben Reachi, our Southern Baja state’s secretary of tourism. Reachi met with United officials at their Chicago headquarters last week, along with their route planning and marketing staff. The new route will be operative  March to May in a trial basis and will resume in December if all goes well. It’s now up to United and Southern Baja marketing teams to create a sense of urgency in Washington to haul their frozen selfs down here.

Cabo mornings are great. At least that’s what National Geographic TV channel believes, as they have included us in their “All the World’s Mornings” special TV shows to be aired in 130 countries in 35 different languages.

The show will, feature the best of our state, and will be initially launched through the Blue Channel in Brazil, followed up by TV channels in the 130 countries. The documentary will be shot from February 11 to 27 in Mag Bay, Todos Santos, San Juan de La Costa, El Vizcaino biosphere, La Paz, Revillagigedo islands and several more desert and ocean areas. We will of course be showing off our whales, birds, diving and beach beauties. ,