From The Publisher

March 21, 2016 Edition


Wow. I’ve been accused of being a racist by one of our precious readers who sent a nice letter to us.  Go find it and come back or you don’t get to read this. And don’t think I won’t know, I have my ways. If you cheat, if you keep reading this without first finding and reading the letter to the editor, this paper is going to turn into fish wrap right in your soon to be stinky fishy hands.

OK, I think we understand each other.

I was accused of being a racist for using what in the letter writer’s opinion is a politically incorrect word to describe people from the nation of China. Apparently Chinamen isn’t OK. The letter writer is obviously a caring person who genuinely has empathy for Chinamen and had the gumption to take a stand and write a letter. I admire that.

But I’ll have to tell you, I’m pretty done with political correctness because I don’t like what  that does to a person. It paralyzes spontaneity, discourse, and most importantly, sincerity.

The politically correct person must be wishy washy, usually not sincere even with themselves, and they become phony, shallow people who sometimes must deny their own convictions.

You never know where you stand with people like this. You can’t be sure if they even like you or value your friendship because of their need to fake their beliefs. As a politically incorrect person myself, my friends always know where they stand with me, and that’s usually a comfort. Truth is badly underrated by the politically correct set but I believe truth is a good thing.

I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of when it’s correct to tell a social lie to avoid hurting feelings, although there is certainly a place for that. That place is for everyone to figure out where their comfort level is.

But this Chinaman thing I got called out on is not even the worst of the demands of the politically correct set. They often like to hurl the word racist around, as that word brings more clout into their opinion.

Precious readers, may I point out that there are only four races in the world, which means not everyone can be “protected” under the guise of being a different race? If I, or anyone, make a joke about, say, oh let’s just pick someone at random, let’s see.......hmmm....why don’t we use as a for instance a Mexican?

Say I, or someone with an equally fine tuned sense of humor make a joke or utter a complaint about a Mexican. Suddenly I’m called a racist. How is that even possible, when Mexicans are the same race as Americans? In fact, strictly speaking, Mexicans are Americans. So how can I be a racist?

Most anthropologists recognize three basic races of homo sapien, (that’s pretty much all of us who don’t have fur, feathers, or scales). Those race classifications are Caucasian, Mongoloid or Asian, Negroid and Australoid. (his race classification was created by Carleston S. Coon in 1962. I Googled it. I don’t see Mexican in there. I’m no anthropologist, but I’m thinking they are Caucasian, since they aren’t Negroid, Mongolian/Asian, or, what? From Austraila? I didn’t even know they were a race until now.

But if someone wants to discredit anyonne for nearly anything, they like to create another race out of nowhere so they can say that person crossed the race line. (Yes, there seems to be a race line.)

We often hear someone is a racist if they so much as complain about the waiter being slow. “Quit complaining, don’t be racist”.  Please, I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to call that person a racist if we’re talking about someone of our own race. But the race word plays well with the politically correct crowd and so it’s used. And used again and again, until I wonder why it has any effect at all.

Am I a racist because I think it’s a hoot to call Chinese people Chinamen? Well, they are a different race than I am, so I appear to have crossed that race line; a case could be made for my being a racist.

But I’m not calling them Chinamen to put down their race, I’m saying it because I think it’s a hoot. I should get a pass on being racist because of my pure motives, I think.  But I will cop to possessing a warped, immature, stupid, or inappropriate sense of humor, and I will even cop to being politically incorrect. Just not a racist, don’t hurl that one at me. You’re wearing it out and it doesn’t fit.