Pretty Inconvenient

bordo2.jpgThe Bordo, that fast road that runs from the bull ring just outside of Cabo to the road to Todos Santos has been closed for months. That’s making a mess of traffic downtown as it forces cross town traffic to squeeze through the town stop sign by stop sign. Most of us try not to get close enough to even see what’s going on, for fear of getting stuck with the permanent traffic jam caused by people who don’t know they need to avoid the area. So we hiked in and took a picture for you.

They are building what’s called among road engineers, a grade separation. You and I might just call it a bridge. The purpose is to get the people coming out of the very large barrio called Lomas del Sol onto the bordo without a stop and go intersection.  Hang in there, it will be better for us in the long run. Meantime, there are plenty of ways around this.