Plant For The Planet

Help with the reforestation of downtown Todos Santos

Natasia Rutowski is spearheading a push to get trees planted on the streets of downtown Todos Santos. When the streets were torn up a few months ago to put all the utilities underground, they yanked out the beautiful old trees. And, they are not replanting as they are finishing the job.

So the good citizens of Todos Santos have started a program to buy and plant trees. They’re calling it the “Adopt A Tree” program. Not to worry, you don’t need to invite a tree into your home, nor do you have to buy fertilizer or worry about watering it, nor buying orthodontia for it, they just need you to pony up some money. And you are not required to find a tree and even plant it. The planting will be a coordinated effort by Vida y Prosperidad Todos Santos, using the money raised through the donations of individual people. The trees will create shade, cool downtown, and reduce soil erosion during flash floods. The committee is still working on the final mix of tress to be planted, but it will be an assortment of monkey pod trees, some palms, and lluvia de oro trees.

Asked if we could get a plaque with our name on it nailed into the tree, Natasia kind of wrinkled her nose at the idea and said nobody else had asked that question. Well, we deployed a bunch of trash cans around downtown Cabo and stuck the Gringo Gazette logo on them and we think they look awfully nice. Why not pretty up a tree with our logo? (Boy we can hear people scribbling hate mail from here.)

Back to business:

You can donate through the International Community Foundation, a very safe, secure, respected charity site specializing in funneling money to Baja, or you can give direct. To donate online go to and go to where you donate. After you put your amount down, a screen pops up that says, “Is your gift in honor or in memory of someone special?”  If you click “yes” it then asks the “Honoree Name” that is where you put in adopt a tree.  ICF does charge a small percentage for processing donations but they can also pave the way for you to legitimately claim a U.S. tax donation. And, Through ICF they get matching funds so your money goes twice as far. We can bush up the whole downtown.

Or you can go the local route. If you have a check, make it out to Vida y Prosperidad Todos Santos, A.C. and walk it down to the Que Rico deli on Colegio Militar Street, or the Amerimex office on Calle Juarez, or to La Esquina Cafe.

The street and sidewalk project is moving along, albeit at glacial speed.  Natsia is hopeful they can start planting in the next few weeks, so shake a leg with the money, they need it now.