Pickleball in Los Cabos


Pickleball has exploded in the last few years in Los Cabos. I founded the original Cabo San Lucas group about five years ago but moved back to playing tennis. As soon as my body objects to tennis, I will move back to Pickleball as it's a more forgiving sport to play.

There are currently three public Pickleball agendas in the Los Cabos area: Cabo San Lucas is a private club that welcomes guests, San Jose del Cabo and Los Barriles in the East Cape are public venues. There are hundreds of players on each agenda during the winter high season.


Cabo San Lucas

A fun Pickleball group is located in Cabo San Lucas.

They play on the center court at the Del Mar International School Tennis Center where an International Tennis Tournament is played each year in August. New players are welcome to join the Monday, Wednesday and Friday group from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

For information contact Steve Goodman (Pickleball coordinator)

cabosteve61@gmail.com for location and times

San Jose Del Cabo

There is also a good Pickleball group in San Jose del Cabo.

The courts are located near the major San Jose Del Cabo Farmers Market at the Punta Azul Sports Club.

Call Punto Azul Sport Club at 01 52 624 204 1992

 Website: www.puntoazulclubdeportivo.com

or Contact. Ron Dumbarton (Pickleball coordinator)

at rondumbarton@gmail.com for location and times


Los Barriles in the East Cape.

"It’s the fastest-growing sport in the world!” I’ve heard this claim from numerous new and longtime enthusiasts of the sport of pickleball. Whether or not that stat is true, it seems to be exploding in Los Barriles on the East Cape where a number of new venues, including the Tres Palapas Baja Pickleball Resort, have sprung up in recent years. 

Info: 971-373-5234 (US)
01-52-624-142-8189 (MX)

Pro shop:

971-373-5234 (US) 01-52-624-142-8189 (MX) pro-shop@trespalapasbaja.com

Life is short. Find that Pickleball court of your dreams. ,