Open To Introductions

dog 1.jpgBRANDY (dog)

Brandy would like you to know in spite of his girly name he’s entirely male. Well, not really, he’s been chopped, but has not been told, we leave this chore up to his new dad, volunteers?  know this medium-sized St. Bernard cross has had a hard life, maybe because he’s been called a St Bernard when he clearly isn’t? He doesn’t even slobber like a St Bernard. This kind-hearted, affectionate pooch hasn't had the opportunity to take loyal care of his humans, like St. Bernards are known to do, and maybe then he’ll start looking the part? Any volunteers for the job?


cat_0.jpgHUMARA (cat)

This isn't the first time Humara has been featured in this esteemed publication. It is in fact, her third engagement in five years. The poor little muffin keeps getting passed over for ridiculously cute kittens and elegant, posh pussies. Would you end the sentence the world has imposed on her and treat yourself to a beautiful little furever friend? She deserves it, never complaining and never getting into hassles with her bunk mates.


"I Can’t Adopt, how else can I help?” Come on, we know you want to help.



Did you know that in six years two dogs still intact can create, 000dogs? How about the same scenario with 2 cats over 9 years? That number would be11,606,077extra cats to contend with.Every Monday and Wednesday the Los Cabos Humane Society performs free spay and neuters. In addition, they conduct regular mobile clinics in thecommunity which are also free. This service is vital for the Colonias and communities where people simply can’t manage the cost of these services.


Anyone who was in Cabo 15 and 20 years ago will have noticed the change LCHS has made with their active clinics the years. But this service costs money.if you agree that less is more in Los Cabos, you can help by giving a donation.little bit the oldest and largest Los Cabos Animal Shelter and is a private organization, peopled with numerous staff and veterinarians, funded solely by donations.To contribute to this important work, you can donate by coming to the shelter or, if you aren’t in Cabo just now, by mail.If you require a US tax receipt please Make your check payable to the International Community Foundation and include the name of the fund in the memo line.


Please include a note with your contact information (name, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number), so that the organization can follow-up with you.

Send to:

International Community Foundation/Los Cabos Humane Society

2505 N Avenue National City,

CA 91950, USA


Mexican, Canadian an US checks that do not require a tax receipts, please make out to: LOS CABOS H.S. A.C. You can also donate online, simply visit: