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March 4, 2019 Edition

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You Spilled It, You Clean It Up

The Supreme Court has ruled that Pemex doesn’t have to clean up after people illegally tapped into their pipelines. There were almost 15,000 illegal taps in 2018, and these folks were not tidy about it. They left behind an ecological mess that Pemex is refusing to clean up.

Then who will? It looks like nobody will. Ever.

This is why we’re chopped liver

A new pier is under construction in Zihuatanejo, a resort town not nearly as nice as we are. This will cost US $5 million and Zihuatanejo also gets a new seaside promenade.

A few years ago a pier was proposed for Cabo in front of what is now the Hacienda residences. At that time the land was owned by the three Parr brothers, sons of the original developer of the Hacienda hotel. They fought the pier, knowing the huge ships would block the view from their land. They even cooked up a phony ecology organization that announced it would kill the fish. So now we have to tender cruise shippers in, and as a result, many people, and their wallets, stay on the ship.

A bad FICO score is a bitch

Pemex is shopping for a seven billion loan, and they’re looking for it in the United States.

Mexican companies are not interested in lending to the notoriously poorly run, corrupt government agency.

So tell anyone you know in your neighborhood to be careful lending to Pemex. Ourselves, we don’t live in the neighborhood Pemex is looking in.

This is gonna be a toughie

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei will lay a 150 mile long underwater fiber optic cable across the Sea Of Cortez between La Paz and Sinaloa on the mainland. This is to speed up telecommunications here and to make it cheaper and more reliable for us. The US $14 million project is a joint venture with the Mexican cable company Megacable.

They’re still horsing around with marine surveys and when they do start, it will take about six months to complete. Government approvals are in place.

Huawei said, “the terrain and environment in the gulf and peninsula region is complex and places high requirements on the design and construction of the submarine cable.”

Translation: This is gonna be a toughie.

How Long Can You Hold Your Breath?

You know the smoke coming out of those chimneys in La Paz? Turns out that after many years of the electric plant tossing those ashes out, an environmentalist connected to the local university is now saying that air could be harmful to suck in.

He says the particles may be carcinogenic. That means, causing cancer, Bunky.

What really pisses off the La Paz people is the plant is producing electricity for what they believe is mostly going down the road to San Lucas and San Jose. Translation: Going to foreigners.

They have a point, as the La Paz City hall is millions of dollars behind in their electric bill, causing them to be cut off, and to briefly fire up a portable generator to keep the city's lights on, so they aren't a big consumer of electricity.

Maybe La Paz is broke because they don't have enough foreigners visiting? Just sayin'.

El Chapo Convicted This Week

A man from El Chapo's home town said, "We know that near his home town, he's helped a lot of people, building roads, schools, churches. People here will suffer now due to lack of support and trafficking drugs will continue," he said. "Nobody can stop it. Even now that they'll give him the life sentence they think he deserves, it's not going to change anything here."

One of the signs held up by a pretty young woman said, El Chapo, "Give me a child".

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