New Program Requires Everyone’s Cooperation

Yeah, good luck with that.

“Todo Esta Aqui” (Everything Is Here) is a new community building program that aims to unify the diverse resident populations of Los Cabos. This is a project of the Los Cabos Hotels Association in collaboration with the Los Cabos Human Resources Association and the Los Cabos Public Relations Association and was just launched last month.

The mission of this new permanent program is to develop a Cabo-centric community identity and awareness about our importance to tourism. Initially Todos Esta Aqui will focus on how our behavior as residents and workers directly affects the local tourism industry, which supports the majority of the Cabo population.

todoestaaqui.jpgThe first initiative of the Todos Esta Aqui program targets the employees of businesses that directly serve the tourism industry, starting with an ambitious training program for every hotel worker in Los Cabos. The goal is to change the attitude and values of residents, emphasizing values such as friendship, understanding, tolerance, patience, solidarity and respect as essential for healthy community development.

Participants in the training are encouraged to understand that “Everything Is Here,” their homes, family, friends, work, natural resources, and as citizens they are accountable for the Cabo community being a friendly, clean, safe place to work and live. The training emphasizes that each of us is responsible for making Los Cabos an amazing tourist  destination.

The Todos Esta Aqui program encourages participants to support the community with a positive attitude because even small actions can make a major impact. They organize volunteers on the first Sunday of each month to clean beaches. They pcked up 1.2 tons of garbage from Cabo beaches in September. All Cabo residents are invited to pick up garbage, it’s a lot of fun. Well, maybe not.

In the next few months, the Todos Esta Aqui program plans to expand their training outreach to the police department, local tour guides taxi drivers, restaurants, and schools.

Along with the training program, there’s a new “Volunteer with Attitude” initiative to get students to interact with visitors at the marina and other tourist hot spots, to provide information about the destination, or to simply offer a nice welcome to Cabo smile.

The Todos Esta Aqui program also hopes to create a Library of Tourism, which will keep historical information about Cabo and will be available to residents and visitors.

For more information, you can go to the Todos Esta Aqui Facebook page at