New Hospital Coming

A new Hospiten hospital is under construction in front of Walmart, right along the fourlane.

The new medical center will be equipped with hospital 18 rooms, six intensive therapy rooms, two operating rooms, 10 emergency cubicles (basically a bed with a privacy curtain around it), 11 clinics and a delivery room. There will also be a hemodynamics room - we looked it up for you, that’s where they monitor the amount of blood flowing in a patient - and a radio diagnostic area that will include an MRI machine, a 3D-4D ultrasound, and x-ray and laboratory services.


The price tag for all this is a cool $30 million USD. The building is expected to be completed this month (fat chance), but the facility won’t be open until the later part of 2018.

The hospital company is from Spain and has hospitals in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and San Jose. ,