Mall: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Well, after the recent rains we couldn’t see a good part. It’s all bad and ugly

Our Puerto Paraiso mall on the marina front in downtown Cabo was built by the Frel corporation, which was and still is out of Mexico City.  It is now run by the grandson of the original developer, who started out in 1950 building industrial hangars, and then moved on to build condominiums and office buildings in the posh Polanco neighborhood in Mexico City.


The company continued its expansion, building Puerto Paraiso, our local mall, the Breathless resort on the Malecon next to the mall, Secret the Vine and Le Meridien hotels, and Kukulcan shopping mall in Cancun, as well as the CostaVentura resort in Acapulco.

Frel has sold part of the mall, and most of the mall parking lot adjacent to it.

The company most recently built condominiums on top of the mall and is now breaking ground on an addition to the mall, in the empty space to the left of the front door, which will contain more retail space featuring Latin restaurants and a Ched Wowie Select grocery store, like the one at the traffic circle in San Jose. There will also be a new high rise hotel. 

The project comes with a fashion mall with boutiques, like the upscale Mexico-City based  Palacio de Hierro. The Frel group expects 7 million visitors in the coming year.

Looks like they need to pass out umbrellas at the door, as the entire building leaked rivers of icky water in the recent rains. The elevators didn’t work and there was filthy water everywhere. Tenants were screaming bloody murder about their ruined inventory and condos. Of course they were screaming into the void, as management hides out in Mexico City and there is nobody in Cabo who seem to be able to do anything about the disrepair of the building.

Just a thought: quit building the new part until they can fix the old part that’s falling apart?