Los Cabos Youth Sailing School



There is little question that our beautiful area at the tip of the Baja Peninsula is blessed with some of the most spectacular ocean and sea views in the world. And if there is something better than looking at these waters, it might be sailing on them in warm tropical breezes. That opportunity has become a reality for many local children who have completed the local sail training offered at “UpWind Sailing School” right here in San Jose Del Cabo.

Started several years ago, the “UpWind Sailing School” is a program that provides beginner sailing instruction to children from 6 to 14 years of age in Optimist and Laser Dinghies, the ideal boats for beginner and intermediate sailing instruction.

After relocating from other sites, and thanks to the generosity and support of Puerto Los Cabos Development, the school now has a home for their operations next to the launch ramp in the Puerto Los Cabos Marina. There is covered space for class instruction and a secure area for boat and equipment storage. The school is available to would-be sailors from any location in Los Cabos and particularly convenient for families from the Puerto Los Cabos and La Playita communities.

The program is held on Saturday each week from the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and operates all year, excluding a summer break for August and September. Information and registration is available at any time by contacting organizers via email at the contact email address below.

The “UpWind Sailing School” has 7 Optimist Dinghies in their training fleet, the perfect choice for a beginning sailor. The “Opti” is just short of 8 feet in length, made of fiberglass, and is the ideal single-handed training boat for kids up to 15 years of age, as they are used in youth sail training programs around the world with over 150,000 having been made.  The school fleet also includes 3 Laser single handers for the more advanced students and two rubber power boats for coach instruction and student safety.

The classes are taught both out of and in the water in progressive blocks of instruction beginning with awareness of safety on the water, the identification of boat part terminology and purpose, the understanding of sail theory and how a sailboat maneuvers through the water. Fun is an integral part of the training with the students often sailing 2 in a boat and encouraging mutual support as they advance in ability. Initial training is held in the safety of the interior marina, with friendly race competition around the buoys to improve sail efficiency. Once having advanced in their ability and as weather permits the students are taken into the open water of the Bay of San Jose.

“UpWind Sailing School” recently completed their annual week-long Kids Camp, 6 consecutive days of sailing and a real highlight of their annual calendar. Beginning on Monday, the training week is filled with sail instruction, safety education and fun events for the kids on the beach and in the water.

This year Kids Camp also included local Doctor Pepe Musi, who engaged the young sailors with important First Aid and CPR skills. Round the buoy fun races were held on Friday with more sailing on Saturday followed by the presentation of awards and a barbeque party for parents and student sailors.

If all of this sounds interesting and you think your child would enjoy this experience, contact the school at the address below or stop by and check out the fleet and meet the organizers and coaches. It is a great opportunity to get your son or daughter out of their device and on the water. Give them this gift that will last them a lifetime; a skill that will allow them to sail a boat across the waters of Los Cabos and perhaps one day around the world. For Information: UpWind Sailing School, Scott Purcell, swpurcell08@gmail.com

“Captain Charlie” Bogue is a life-long sailor who, after departing Sausalito, first anchored off the beach in Cabo San Lucas in 1975 on his 32-foot wooden ketch. He has raced, been a charter Captain and taught sailing on the San Francisco Bay. He and his wife Helga are permanent residents of Mexico in San Jose Del Cabo where he writes, goes fishing and looks for any opportunity to be on the water. (Contact “Captain Charlie”, charlesburtonbogue@gmail.com)