Los Cabos Health Update


This gorgeous resort destination is still pretty safe. As of Wedenesday, March 25, our Southern Baja state had 41 suspected cases of Coronavirus, of which 34 proved negative, five are still suspects and only two, a couple, tested positive. The state’s health department is watching their status closely.

Several restaurants on Medano beach have closed, as well as most night clubs on Cabo's main drag, including the infamous but popular Squid Roe.

Other restaurants are promoting “To Go” or “Home Delivery” services but are still open. However, they are promoting social distancing by having fewer tables. The MS Oosterdam has left town, too. No more cruise ships on the horizon.

A few hotels are closed, and more are expected to follow, as tourists’ arrivals have dropped. All in all, we are a safe community. Most people are staying home, preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

We survived the 2008 economy meltdown. The 2009 Swine Flu. And hurricane Odile in 2014. We even came back stronger than ever after those events. We can do this again. Bear with us. Take care of yourselves, and we will be back drinking margaritas together very soon. God bless you all.