Local Kids To Show Off Their English In UK

This is not survival waiter English, this is serious scholarship

Among the dozens of private junior high schools in Baja California Sur, our very own Instituto Peninsular was the only one that got an invitation to participate in an English skills contest to be held in Jolly Olde England. Only problem is, now the kids have to get there.

The contest is part of the British English Olympics (BEO) which is an academic Olympiad organized by a company that sells textbooks and language programs on learning English all over the world. A total of five schools in Mexico will be represented. The company has a wide range of English language programs for more than 150,000 international students from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, and has been doing this for more than 20 years. This event will take place from March 27 to April 11 of 2016. That’s this year, Bunky. Yeah, we’re not used to it yet either.

kids copy.jpg

This event attracts bilingual schools from around the world to compete against one another in a series of English language academic challenges. The event is held over two weeks and hosted in some of the most prestigious boarding schools in the UK. Well, our students better look sharp, then.

The parents of these kids are organizing a fund raising event at the Baja Brewery in San Jose in the art district on Jan 21. The cost of the ticket is only $ 250 pesos and you will be able to participate in a raffle that has more than 40 prizes.

The Participating countries in this Olympiad are: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, Russia, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Armenia, Chile, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Paraguay, Spain. And this is not only a spelling bee, the academic challenges they have to go through include a debate in English, and teams will need to demonstrate their overall understanding of a piece of literature, identifying how this compares and contrasts to their assigned country. It gets tougher:

Schools take the BEO spirit into their schools and surrounding community, organizing a local project, and then must be prepared to present their experience and evaluate the success of their project at the contest. It gets still tougher:

Prior to travelling to the UK, schools choose a book or play, and adapt the story by writing their own script. Teams then perform their plays at the BEO. And tougher still:

Teams choose a well-known and popular song and write their own lyrics before they come to the UK. And maybe tougher, maybe not:

There is a mystery component they can’t prepare for. This is not survival restaurant English, these kids are preparing themselves to be native speakers.

If you would like to help get these kids over to England, you can pitch in a little money by going to their fund raiser at the Baja Brewery which is on the bottom floor of the mall, downtown Cabo San Lucas, water side. Or shine that on and just send money to  Josefina Comacho The event is going to be at the Baja Brewing at the Marina here in Cabo San Lucas, next Thursday, January 21 at 8pm. Of course donations can be made without going to the fundraiser. Contact Josefina Camacho. Cell: 624-147-7271 info@mexicopaperworks.com.  Of course she speaks English! That’s what this is all about.

Or you can find this group on Facebook. Just search for  Cabo BEO.

If you do choose to go to the party at the Brewery, you will get a chance to meet some fantastic, motivated kids who are the future of Mexico.  ,