Live Like a Tourist

With an all-inclusive day pass

With summer hitting us full force, it may be tempting to stay inside and cling to the beloved A/C all day everyday, because what is one to do around here other than get a sunburn or sweat your you know whats off outside? For those of you looking to get out and do something but don’t know what to do or where to do it, check out the list below (this is not an exhaustive list) with resorts in the area that offer all-inclusive day passes. All prices are in USD and include food, drinks, and pool access until sundown. Call the hotel directly to purchase a day pass, as they are not available for purchase online.


Riu Palace - $104, TEL: 624 146 716. They never shut off their beer taps, even in the middle of the night. Good place to go.

Barcelo Gran Fato in San Jose - $45, TEL: 624 142 9292

Tesoro - $50, TEL: 624 173 9300. That’s the downtown kind of dumpy place but their pool and restaurant on the third floor overlooking the marina is first class.

Bahia Hotel (SUR Beach House): $25 min consumption for the pool at the hotel and $50 min consumption for the beach restaurant they call Sur. This is a couple blocks away and is on Medano Beach. TEL: 1 866 224 4234

Breathless - $84, TEL: 624 104 9500. Loud DJ music, pool is a little crowded but there are fun pool games to play. Also, third floor overlooking the beach and arch.