Letters To The Editor

September 30, 2019 Edition

Dear Editor,

I have always believed that tourism is our major industry here in Cabo San Lucas. Apparently the mayor has decided to promote another industry. When tourism was our major priority, there were lights around the malecon. This evening, while walking my dog, I noticed (like who wouldn't) that from the Tesoro alley to the area where the cruise ships drop passengers, only every third light was on. At 8:05 p.m., ALL the lights in that area went off. It was not a power problem as restaurants and stores still had lights.  

As you know, there are numerous booths with people selling various tours– completely in the dark.  

Perhaps the mayor could share with the residents what her plans are for Cabo San Lucas that do not include tourism. Meanwhile, I would urge all the tourists here to post on Trip Advisor that Cabo is a town that rolls up the sidewalks at 8 p.m..



Sandy Hogan