Letters To The Editor

January 8, 2018 Edition


Upon returning to the San Jose area after being absent for six years, I was astounded by the increase in traffic, both pedestrian and automobiles. The Round-a-bout at the intersection of the Mega Store, and the new store-Chedwowie is a recipe for disaster. The amount of pedestrians trying to cross there, either to catch a bus to Cabo, or to shop at the new store is increasing. There is going to be a serious car-pedestrian-truck-accident at that area unless something is built there, such as an overpass or walkway. Also, a suggestion would be to build sides and roof out of mesh fencing material to discourage objects being thrown over the sides of the overpass. (this sometimes happens in British Columbia, Canada where we have these pedestrian overpasses built)

I would predict that in a few months, this structure should and could become a reality. It is crucial to the safety of both pedestrians and vehicle drivers.

Please lobby your mayor, Arturo de la Rosa to include this important structure in the administrative budget for 2018.

Sincerely concerned for your safety,

Heather Mallory

British Columbia, Canada




Yes, the use of seatbelt's are essential while driving (as referenced in a recent Gringo Gazette email newsletter), however, it is excessive speed that goes unchecked, tailgating, impatience and disregard for the rules of the road that is the real issue here.

The cops need to setup radar, impound cars, fine culprits and there would be no need for mordida and the police could fill the coffers of the police department. On Thursday, Dec. 28, the traffic going into San Jose took over half hour because drivers were using the shoulder of the road as a third lane, bypassing the regular traffic, then squeezing in when it became impossible to use the shoulder. All along we were of the belief that it was the construction of the waterline near Costa Azul causing this traffic.

But construction had ceased; delay was due to motorist impatience. No police in sight, nada. The fourlane is a race track, the two towns are only 35 kilometers apart, why does everyone need to be in such a hurry?

I agree the water line work needs to be done but that is not the issue here, it is the impatience of drivers trying to get an advantage, driving on the shoulder to get ahead then trying to re-enter the normal flow of traffic. Most drivers know that, by using the Palmilla overpass, they could bypass the long line of traffic waiting as the two lane flow slowly moves forward.

Where are the cops? As a 20-year visitor to Los Cabos I have seen little to no improvement in the traffic situation. I could go on but to what end. It's like the Botts Dots, useless, never slowed the traffic down, motorists just drove on the shoulders to avoid them. Nobody complains, unbelievable.

Bruce Stroud

Via email