Letters To The Editor

September 18, 2017 Edition


Did the local chamber of commerce pay you to write your recent article on the State Department's travel warning (issued in August) regarding violence and safety in Cabo?I've been in Cabo for a while now, and the violence, while it does involve druggies killing other druggies, is different this time, because it is not confined to the barrios. Can you imagine what it would have been like to be a tourist at Palmilla beach when assault rifles were being fired and 4 or 5 bodies on the ground?

Or, how about the murdered guy laying in the underground parking entrance to the Peninsula shopping center? How the hell would I know who was being targeted when the shots were being fired?Do the bullets know where not to go? I go to Palmilla beach and use the underground parking at Peninsula parking center.I don't ever want to be somewhere where shots are being fired, regardless of target.

Articles like yours enable the local government's complacency. If necessary, Cabo needs to take an economic hit so that the powers that be will get off their asses and do something. This time it is frightening.

Eric Ranney