Letters To The Editor


One evening after leaving the bars in Cabo San Lucas, my friend was grabbed by the city police and accused of having drugs in his possession. The police put him in their truck and told me if I provided $500 there would be “no problem”. I told them I didn’t have that much money and they drove away with my friend.

dearGG.jpgLater I found out they drove him far out into the desert and told him there would be big problems for him if he did not give them money. They proceeded to drive him to various ATMs until he paid roughly $300 US and then dropped him off far from the hotel area.

In the meantime, I went to the downtown police/fire station to look for my friend. I was told he was at the other police station. I took a cab to that police station way outside of town, and asked where my friend was. I was ignored so I finally started yelling his name, and was then arrested. I was placed in jail for about an hour, and was then released. However, the police took all the money I had placed in the plastic bag with all my other belongings,(roughly $80). 

This all happened Wednesday, July 8th. We later went to the tourist police and explained what happened and gave statements. Supposedly they are going to investigate.

I have had pleasant experiences in other parts of Mexico (Baja Norte, Cancun, Tulum) and will never return to Cabo San Lucas.


Sean Harold

via email


The tourist police are in on this and are no better than the police who terrorized you. I’m sorry but there is nothing any of us can do  the police are sent out to steal by the city officials who are also in on it. I’m sorry you won’t be back, but can’t blame you, that must have been terrifying and now it’s just galling, to be at the mercy of such losers.  Editor



I read with interest your article in the June 1 issue regarding the scams and lies from the car rental “cartel” in Mexico and their phony insurance business.

We go to Cabo every March for the whole month, so have had many car rental experiences. But not as bad as the Dollar dealer at the airport. There, they added so much to our $117 rental deal that we booked online (for three weeks), that it became $1,900! And that was mostly insurance!

When we complained about the price, they offered to take $600 off if we attend a timeshare presentation. Now they’re in the timeshare business? So we agreed and they changed the contract to $1,300. They named a resort in San Jose’ that we never heard of, but it turned out to be the Mayan resort. Been there, done that, and we were as upset as the people at the resort, who knew we’d been there before and hadn’t bought. Bad deal.

The next day, (we had the car for three days), we rented another car from National for about $1200, with no timeshare presentation required.

But Dollar charged us $480 U.S. for that car for three days! They called most of it penalties for returning the car early. Turns out they charge a penalty for every day it is returned early. I checked with Dollar here in the U.S., and they charge a penalty, but only a one-time fee of $25, not a penalty for every day early.

So Dollar is a rip-off all around. Cabo travellers and Caboholics like us, stay away from Dollar! Meanwhile, I’m going to check on the deal your article mentioned about the American Express card which already has insurance on it for any car you rent, for next year, Thank You.



One of my co-workers, a subscriber to your publication, forwarded me a comment from today’s edition so I wanted to follow up with you.

It sounds like one of your writers had a less than pleasant experience on a recent flight. I’m sorry if that disrupted your inflight experience. I can’t say our crew didn’t follow instructions - sometimes the pilots will ask that they prepare the cabin for landing early due to turbulence, weather or for some other reason – but I do know we want to hear our customer’s feedback. I want to invite you to take our post-trip customer survey, which will get your feedback to supervisors and the employees who worked the flight. You can take the survey online at http://survey.alaskalistens.com/#/survey1 . You’ll need your confirmation code from your flight.

We do value that you selected Alaska and hope you’ll give us another try in the future.

Warm regards,

Bobbie Egan

Media Relations Director for Alaska Airlines & Horizon Air

For our readers who missed it, here is the item that the Alaska rep objected to:

Hop On The Bus, Gus Bus service in Mexico can be, and often is, nicer than the airline you flew down on, with way nicer stewardesses than the witches on Alaska who snarl, “Tray tables up,” about 600 miles out so they can sit in the back of the plane and read People magazine. So... it’s good news to hear that Greyhound bus services will be operating in Mexico soon. Read about it in the current issue. #GringoGazette #NoBadNews Get a copy of our paper on your usual spot to read more news about Baja Sur or subscribe to our online edition .

Ms. Egan:

Gosh, what a nice letter, thank you for taking the time and effort.

We were not referring to any one flight, but all of them. The cabin crew just isn’t as nice as they used to be. None of them are, not even the international crew, and they used to be the elite.

But then, we heard a stewardess, (what ever happened to that word? Why is it gone and where did it go? Seems like a nice word to us, and it certainly isn’t meant as a put down), say she was sick of the job, (she was long past her prime, which used to be the retirement age), because now, “Even the bus people are flying.” So maybe it goes both ways. Maybe the stewardesses are unresponsive to our needs, because the people are rude.

Again, thank you for taking the time to write, now we can write to Alaska now that we have an address.