Know Anyone Who Looks Like This?

Like The Cowboy, Not The Horse


A Veracruz politician has come up with a novel way of creating at least one job while enabling him to attend to more than one political duty at a time and better serve his constituents.

Renato Tronco, a state leglislature who belongs to the Ecologist Green Party, is advertising for his double, and not just one, but four if they can be found. “I’ve got many obligations and I can’t cope with looking after all the people and the other responsibilities of my work,” says the 45 year old congressman. Not only is Tronco a member of the state Congress, he’s a rancher as well.

So he’s prepared to pay for someone to attend events on his behalf. “He’ll have to learn to act like me so when he’s at an event people will think he’s me, and the people who invited me won’t be disappointed,” he says.

If he finds someone who looks him but weighs more? “We’ll put him on a diet. He’ll have to have a moustache and walk like I do. He’ll have to accompany me for 24 hours a day so he doesn’t miss a single detail.” He said his plan would serve to help someone without a job by paying a salary and buying his clothes.

The only place his double would not represent him would be in Congress, for that would be unconstitutional, said Tronco.

The successful applicant will receive a lump sum cash payment of $2600 U.S., and there’s money, too, for the next three successful candidates. Applications are being accepted on Tronco’s Facebook page, where a number of citizens have registered support, surprise or dismay. Said one: “God help us, how have we come to this?”