Kings Day At Raul Enrique M. Guerrero Secondary School


On Wednesday, January 8, Christine Berger from F3D, which stands for Fundacion Tres Deseos (Three Wishes Foundation), once again presented the annual grand music ceremony and gift-giving event at the Secondary Raul Enrique M. Guerreo School. This secondary school teaches middle-aged level students. Christine's foundation is dedicated to assisting the children of our community.

This year's event was in honor of Sandi Schoudel, a Plaza Nautica resident who was very instrumental in assisting F3D before passing away. She and her husband, Jim, would fill many suitcases with items they purchased in the United States for the children. Then they would deliver the suitcases to Cabo personally. Christine coordinates many events each year, but the official Kings Day when children are back in school is their biggest event of the year.

The event, held at Raul Enrique M. Guerreo School in Gastelum, was made possible by many volunteers offering their time and resources before the celebration day along with attending the celebration to greet the school children. They watched the children's faces while they listened to incredible music by an acrobatic act. The performance was presented by  Percusion Limanya. Entertainers included Yadi Camara, Pablo Ruiz, Eduardo Perdomo, Priscila Arellano, and Rebeca Valencia. The performance act wowed the entire school staff and students by playing sets of rhythmic drums that synchronized with their "over the top" show which displayed juggling, upside down hola hopping, beautiful dance complemented with flamboyant outfits along with colorful feathers to enhance the presentation.

After the entertainment, it was time to give the students their Kings Day Christmas gifts. Over 800 gifts were labeled and organized by gender and age group. Five volunteers assisted Christine in transporting the gifts to the school and presenting them to the students.

Christine would like to thank everyone who made this enjoyable happy day for the students. This huge endeavor would not have been possible without all that helped. Special thanks go to Nancy and Steve Goodman, Cindy and Dave Webber, Dave Bullock, Jim, and Pam Conway, Peggy and John Masterman, Mary Jones, Sandy Hogan, Vivian Diaz, Christine Berger, Judy Nisely, David Zimberoff, John Kane, Ted Link, Jim Schoudel and family along with the Caboholics Support Group.

Many more from the Plaza Nautica community also participated. Jenny Whitfield from Cabo Bello and her dog Coco showed up at the midnight hour to help Christine wrap all the gifts and donated to the foundation along with Dean Lodnells who also gave a generous contribution.

The next exciting event F3D has coordinated is the Annual Spelling Bee on February 11, at the school. The F3D foundation and provides Judges for the event and awards.

The F3D office is located in Plaza Nautica across from Cabo Cantina by the Tesoro Hotel and Resort. If you wish to communicate with Christine, her email address is