But Is It Art?


Odile art.jpg

This colorful art installation is on the marina, next to the empty lot in front of Plaza Nautica. Take a close look and you’ll realize that those aren’t just brightly painted metal beams tossed out higilty pigilty; they’re street lights that were knocked down during Hurricane Odile in 2014. Talking about reusing and recycling materials.

The sculpture, which was installed last year, is titled “Tunnel,” and is the work of Betsabee Romero, an artist from Mexico City who uses everyday materials like tires, cars and even chewing gum (hopefully unchewed) to create her pieces. In front of the sculpture is a plaque with a poem, which talks about how the recycled materials represent the resurgence of Cabo after the storm: With fallen luminaries, We remember the roads, The restored avenues, To recover the light, To leave the tunnel, enlightened, with energy and color.