Ironman Los Cabos Coming Soon

If you’re not competing, best to stay home that day and avoid the traffic

The fifth annual Ironman Los Cabos is coming up soon, with an expected 1,400 athletes from Mexico and other countries competing. The competition takes place on November 12, although many of the athletes will arrive before then, spending some time getting to know the route. And a couple of official practices, packet pickup and bike check take place in the days right before the Ironman.

The event begins at 6:00 a.m. that Sunday with a 2.4 mile swim at Palmilla Beach. Then comes the 112-mile bike ride and then a zippy finish of a quick 26.2-mile run, going from Palmilla towards San Jose, ending at Las Palmas Park behind the La Comer store.

ironman.JPGAs with every Ironman, you can expect a lot of road closures and backed up traffic. Some roads will be closed for 12 or more hours, as the official cut off to complete the race is 12:30 a.m. Monday morning. Here is the official list of road closures and times but this is just an estimate. These can change right up until Sunday morning, and they have,

FROM 5:30 TO 9:30 AM

Main access to Palmilla Beach

FROM 5:30 AM TO 5:30 PM

Valerio Gonzalez and the fourlane (from Valerio Gonzalez to the San Lucas traffic

light). Only one side of the highway will be closed. The beach side of the highway will be open and vehicles can travel in both directions.

FROM 6:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

The (currently) free toll road to the airport

FROM 5:30 AM (Sunday) TO 1:00 AM (Monday)

Antonio Mijares Boulevard, both ways

San Jose Avenue, but only one side of the road will be closed (towards the fourlane)

Los Cabos Avenue, both ways, going towards Fonatur

Los Cabos Port, starting at the bridge and finishing at the third roundabout

Centenario Road, both ways, starting at the bridge and finishing at the well

According to Municipal Director of Tourism, Karina Corral Raygosa, this year’s race route is a new one, designed to improve traffic flow on the fourlane. We sure hope it works. In previous years, drive time to the airport doubled because of the road closures and hundreds of people missed their planes, while arriving tourists couldn’t get out of the airport because taxis couldn’t get to the airport to pick them up. Then, those tourists who did make it to San Jose had to drag their luggage down the street the last half mile or so, as the entire Hotel Row was blocked to traffic. No thought at all was given to traffic mitigation. This year at least there is some thought given to it.

The good news is that this will be the last year for Ironman-related traffic jams and headaches. According to an announcement made back in August on the Ironman Los Cabos Facebook page, the event won’t be coming back. There was no word as to why the event is leaving, and organizers are ignoring our requests for information. Well, in all fairness, they hate us for publishing pictures of the traffic jams and the tourists walking their suitcases down the road. Yup, blame the media, we’re used to it. We can take it. ,